I’ve been writing about the 2nd Chakra and how important it is for all aspects of the 2nd Chakra to be fully realized and expressed so that you can feel more alive and other people can feel that energy from you.

We’ve looked at the vow to never be vulnerable, the importance of feeling your deepest needs, and why you should become a better receiver. Now it’s time to discuss sensuality!

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word sensuality you immediately think about sexuality and they are very similar.  However, I find that sensuality is largely misunderstood and oftentimes neglected.

Sensuality is more about feeling the world through your senses and I mean REALLY feeling the world.

Why is it so important?  Why should you care?  Because learning to feel the world and yourself in a deeper, more sensual way is a key part of feeling more alive, passionate and joyful.

I’ve made a video to explain it and help you begin to clear your blocks to allowing your sensuality to flow.

How was that for you? Were you able to feel a deeper connection to your sensuality after the tapping?

Keep working on this and you’ll begin to see the effects of living a life with a deeper experience of sensuality that will lead to greater passion and joy!

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