How do we stay in the vibe of miracles unfolding …especially when things get hard? We can sometimes pull back, shrink and isolate…NOT a good vibe for miracles!

But what if MIRACLES ARE JUST ABOUT TO UNFOLD right around the corner!!! You don’t want to miss that miracle!

Being honest…is it HARD sometimes to trust that miracles are unfolding for you??? Of course it is, we are human! Jump in and do this tapping with me to voice and honor your DOUBTS so they can move and shift..and then tap into the miracle vibe!

From this place you are getting into the miracle vibe in a real, grounded, embodied way while you are on a journey to do something big!

Did this change your vibe? Can you feel a sense that a miracle (or two) is on it’s way?

Let me know in the comments!