When you are wanting to step up and be seen, valued and paid in a bigger way, it’s important to start LOOKING like who you are intending to be. Where? On your website, on Facebook, on your marketing literature, heck even on your business cards!

And…well…a picture is worth a thousand words!

So how to get a great picture of yourself that says – speaker, workshop leader, getting interviewed on camera, super cool person….if you don’t have one already?

You have to hear this sneaky tip! I made this video for all of you fabulous speakers (or soon-to-be speakers) who want to be seen by potential clients as the Rockstar speaker that you are!

In this video I will give you tips on how to get a picture of yourself (microphone and all!) that makes it appear as if you are a big-time speaker on a stage.

Even if you have NEVER spoken before, even if you are just doing tele-classes or small workshops… you need this tip! Because there’s the thing…A picture of you “in action” as a speaker or being interviewed by a camera crew is an instantaneous way to boost your credibility and authority as an expert.

You can use this picture on your website, your Facebook pages, your marketing and branding materials, and see yourself be transformed into the kind of speaker you want to be! So how can you get this fabulous picture, you ask?

Last year at my three-day live event, I encouraged the audience to be creative about the breaks when I am off the stage. (OH YES I will be doing the same thing this year…so get ready!)

“During the breaks,” I said, “sneak up on stage, and pick up the mic, and hold it, and make poses like this… and this! And this!” (To see my oh-so-glamorous speaking poses, click on the link for this video!)

So, when you are attending Ignite coming up with me, or any event that allows it… remember to take advantage of those moments when the stage is empty and get your Rockstar speaker picture! Have your friends take pictures of you in various poses and make sure to get angles that show you are on stage and speaking to a large crowd. Don’t be shy – it’s the one picture that you NEED to have, and there’s an easy way to get it!

The other thing that I want you to do at the next live event is give a video testimonial! Most events want the patrons to give video testimonials about how awesome the event is, etc, etc…. this is a great time for your friends to snap pictures of you being interviewed by a camera crew! Have your friends take your phone and get to an angle that shows you are holding a microphone and being interviewed on camera. We never think about how much we need these kinds of pictures of ourselves until we are strategic enough to make them happen!

When you use these pictures on your branding materials, like your logo, your header for your website, your media packets, it will convey that you are a super-cool speaker who speaks on camera, gets up on stage, and rocks it! You can even change some of the pictures to black-and-white so that the branding is not too obvious.

I hope you can all use these tips to get fabulous pictures of you “speaking” on stage and even if you have to be a little sneaky about it…. I’m never gonna tell!

Good Luck!

Xo Margaret

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