Oh the dreaded sales conversation…hell no, nobody wants to do one and nobody wants to “trick” someone into having one with you.

You know what I mean by that right? You tell someone you are going to give them a “strategy session” and it sounds like they are going to get value…but then you are supposed to “close them” into buying something.

Light me on fire! Right?

There is another way…a better way… and it will feel so congruent to you.

Umm, you know why? BECAUSE IT IS CONGRUENT!

Now, it will take a bit of thinking on your part to apply specifically to what you do or teach, but this is a high integrity strategy that will ALSO lead to the right clients investing in you!

Watch the video here where I explain the MAP technique!

First, as an example, I show you how this is applied by my Tapping Into Wealth Coaches to book lots of meetings with clients AND have way more people ready to INVEST happily.

Then I walk you through how to apply this to what YOU DO, and position it to potential clients so they will be jumping to sign up for it.

Once you put a bit of thinking into this, you will be AMAZED at truly how much value you can deliver in this approach and they will totally get that too!

Then there is the extra gold that happens at the end.

This is where you really get to see if each person you do this with is ACTUALLY a good potential client for you and you can make a true and congruent recommendation with integrity because it will be based on what you learned during the MAP.

Sometimes, you will find someone is not a good fit for you as a client OR NOT READY YET and you direct them with your best recommendation that may include your free content or other work…and they will LOVE you for it.

But you will find people who are a perfect fit and THEY will have experienced just a taste of clarity and power of your amazingness…and they will say YES to your offer of even more!


PS please comment on what you create at your MAP process, I am dying to hear it! And you might help others reading the blog too!