Last week I was on the beach with my family and all that downtime helped me get inspired!

Yes, the beach is where I get inspired… usually
about something that suddenly feels incredibly important to tell you!

So today, it’s about one of your “energy centers”…and it’s super important! Because this is the one that will either let you SHINE brightly and boldly for all to see…or make you hold back, shrink a bit and “play medium”.

Oh this is a biggie especially if you are trying to step up and make a bigger impact. You need this energy center to be full and rich with energy so that you can start giving and speaking more fearlessly!

And it’s especially important if you are hoping to actually get paid as you step up to the next level. You need this energy center to be filled with a higher level your inner belief in your value!

What you don’t need is any beliefs, programs, limits or vows that tell you:
1. It’s safer to be invisible
2. It’s not okay to “act” that full of yourself
3. It’s dangerous to stand out that much
4. People will judge you if you put yourself out there

Oh hell no you don’t need those! But unfortunately that is part of the standard list our 3rd chakras come programmed with. (like factory installed!)

So I wanted to send you a tapping
meditation about the beauty of YOU and
the shining sun of your third chakra!
It’s not exactly like worshipping the sun god
as the ancients did…or your average
tanning addict.

It’s more about seeing, understanding
and LOVING the divinity of your 3rd

You can tap along to this on one point or
multiple points and it’s cool to do it facing
the sun with your eyes closed…or
visualizing the sun!


Tapping for Your Beautiful Sun!

Ahh, the sun on my face!
The beautiful divine sun
That warms me, calms me, holds me
That warms the whole earth
And brings to life
the spring green of the grass and trees
the beautiful spring green of the heart chakra!

This beautiful sun is loving me
Seeing me….ALL of me and…
Yup still loves me!
Sees my dark and my light
My wounds and my power
And loves and REJOICES in me

This beautiful shining sun
That is shining in the sky
It has a twin that sits in me!
It’s actually in me, in my core
Radiating with beautiful golden light
Divine, sacred… ME light

The beautiful sun that is ME
My awareness of myself
That sits in my solar plexus
My beautiful 3rd chakra
The awareness of all of me
My feelings, my desires, my body, my brilliance
My inner knowing of myself
And my miraculous uniqueness!
The beautiful sun is ME!

Radiant with power and light
Radiant with humanity and divinity
Radiant with my full life purpose
Radiant with expressing ME

Sometimes I hide it
Sometimes I hold it
Sometimes I filter it

I thought that’s what the everyone wanted!
That’s what I learned anyway!

But I am open to shining today
Shining with me
My divine light
My beautiful sun
Radiating from my every pore
I am open to shining today
With all my beauty and brilliance
and letting myself be seen this way

When I shine with all my light
I give my gifts in a bigger way
I make a bigger, bolder impact
And that is what I am being called to do
This is my time to shine and give and get paid
And I am ready to shine!