Are You Guilty of This? A Change You Must Make if you Want New Clients

Are you an offender….perhaps even a repeat offender of what I’m getting ready to share with you in this […]

Why You Simply Have to Share Your Gift – Use this Tapping to Help!

I was recently on a call with over 3000 coaches…all doing or WANTING to do amazing work with future […]

Hiding Your Personal Power? Try This!

You sense that you have a mountain of powerful, charismatic energy inside of you just waiting to bust out […]

This is Something Nobody Wants to Talk About – Why That’s a Big Mistake!

I’ve been writing lately about all sides of the 2nd Chakra and really working with the energy there to […]

How to Become a Better Receiver and Why It’s So Important

Be honest with yourself; what kind of receiver are you….really?  Are you the type of person who begins to […]

Feeling Your Deepest Needs – Working on the 2nd Chakra

Ready to share your deepest needs and ask for them to be met?  I can just imagine the look […]

How to Experience Your Foundation of Power

When you step into a room, it is super important to have people immediately feel and sense your presence, […]

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Did You Take a Vow to Be Invisible?

Today we are going deep! It’s time to put on the headlamp and seek something hidden, secret and important […]

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Money Flows and Things Change When You Start Doing This (Are You Brave?)

Okay, okay, let’s just say up front, this email is not about any of the passive things we do […]

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FUN, Scary, Exciting…and find GREAT clients!

As I am busily preparing my slides and presentations for my live event, I thought I would share a […]

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