How to Uncover Even More of your Self-Amazingness

I speak and write a lot about stepping up and standing out and SHINING with all your amazingness!

….but did […]

Why You Simply Have to Share Your Gift – Use this Tapping to Help!

I was recently on a call with over 3000 coaches…all doing or WANTING to do amazing work with future […]

Why Feeling Your Anger Is a Good Thing!

Do you spend endless amounts of energy trying to repress anger and rage? Are you a pro at stuffing […]

Hiding Your Personal Power? Try This!

You sense that you have a mountain of powerful, charismatic energy inside of you just waiting to bust out […]

Sensuality – Why It’s So Important for Really Living Life

I’ve been writing about the 2nd Chakra and how important it is for all aspects of the 2nd Chakra […]

How to Become a Better Receiver and Why It’s So Important

Be honest with yourself; what kind of receiver are you….really?  Are you the type of person who begins to […]

Feeling Your Deepest Needs – Working on the 2nd Chakra

Ready to share your deepest needs and ask for them to be met?  I can just imagine the look […]

What Is Your Money Vibe Right Now? (Tapping)

Do you have a clear idea on what your “money vibe” is right now? It’s so easy to find […]

How to Experience Your Foundation of Power

When you step into a room, it is super important to have people immediately feel and sense your presence, […]

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What Jack Canfield said to me…


I am writing you from an amazing event filled with inspiring speakers and strategies! And the best part is, […]

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