Tapping for Bigger Income Goals When Surrounded By Skeptics

You’ve probably experienced this situation, and it is THE WORST! You’re making some changes, feeling better about your […]

How To Release Resistant Beliefs – A Special Approach and Tapping

Many of you know the power of tapping to release negative emotions but what about stubborn negative beliefs? […]

Do You Have An Inner Money Set Point Limiting Your Income?

Can you imagine someone saying, “Money Disgusts me!” As you can imagine, I hear all kinds of “beliefs” […]

Could Your Fear Of REALLY Being Seen Be Blocking Your Success and Money?

How much do you really want to EARN MORE? In order to do that as a coach, expert, […]

Clear Your Inner Resistance to Creating More Income – Yes it’s Possible!

YES, you can create a whole new level of income in your life and business…it is Possible! But […]

Tapping “Cleanse” to earn your true worth!

Well, are you charging your worth? My recent article and video about that very topic (called asking your boss […]

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Will these 2 traps cause you to overspend this holiday?


As the queen of the mind/body/money connection, I love to reveal where our emotions are secretly WAY too involved […]

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What Jack Canfield said to me…


I am writing you from an amazing event filled with inspiring speakers and strategies! And the best part is, […]

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