Today I just had to send you out a fabulous tapping and/or meditation that is totally focused on helping you take that next action…you know, that exact action you have been putting off that will lead to more money.

Are you protesting? “What action Margaret? I am not putting anything off!”


Okay, last week we did some tapping saying YES to money and I know you loved it because I got so many comments!

And if there is anything money loves it is ACTION! And if there is anything money hates…it is isolation – a vacuum!

So what is one action that you could take in the next 3 weeks that will likely bring you more money?

(hint: usually it involves YOU doing more talking in some way, to other humans)

Then I sent you a video with my dare-I-say genius strategy for blowing up your exposure and visibility – specifically to your BEST customers by using the 12/12/12 content strategy! Maybe that is also an action that you could take in the next 3 weeks that would be likely to get people who are your perfect customers talking about you, connecting to you, liking and appreciating you!

So I would like you to pick one action that is out of your comfort zone, that you have some resistance to taking as the focus of this tapping and visualization!


Okay, sit for a few minutes and just imagine you are looking at a movie screen in your mind and playing on that movie screen is you actually taking the action, doing the exact thing!

Just watch that movie for a second and see yourself doing it, and then celebrating that you are doing it! Then you can use this tapping script!

Tapping through any of the points!

There I am
I am doing it
I am taking that action
Wow, I can’t believe it

I have so much resistance to it
Because it’s hard’
It’s new
It’s different
It’s scary

But I am doing it,
Look at me!
Pushing through
And feeling really good about it

It is hard
I am nervous, insecure, worried
But I am doing it,
Pushing through and taking action
WOW, I am awesome
I love watching myself do it

Yes, that is me, doing the hard thing
Guess that is why I will make more money!
That is me pushing through my fears
Guess that makes sense I will make more money
Yes that is me saying YES to money
With all my actions
And I am soo sooo sooooo VERY open
To receiving more money
Especially now that I am really going for it!

And I am celebrating because I did it
I am doing it
I will do it again!
Everything gets easier and so does finding more money!
YES I rock and I deserve to feel that!
There I go…watch out world
I am taking action
And money is following my actions!
YES YES YES to that!