You’ve probably experienced this situation, and it is THE WORST! You’re making some changes, feeling better about your situation and life in general and you’ve come to understand that the future you’ve always imagined is within reach.

You set your new income goals and begin to enthusiastically move forward in the direction of those goals and excitedly share your new goals and plans with a family member or close friend. “Uh oh” here comes the look. The look that has the ability to take the wind right out of your sails. Not to mention the well-meaning (you hope) words of caution.

We all have people in our lives that are not on the same journey as us and they can find it HARD to believe that we can do it…or try to protect us from being disappointed by setting our goals so high.

It’s happened to all of us that are on this path, that know that creating the life of our dreams doesn’t happen if we sit around and complain. What do you do about the skeptics?

Well today I have some great tapping to use whenever someone tries to crush your vibe. This is GREAT TAPPING for you when you are setting BIG INCOME goals but people around you doubt you or think you are NUTS! It will allow you to honor and separate from their limiting beliefs so you can be in your AWESOME vibe!

Would love for you to comment and let me know if you were able to shift your vibe after tapping on the skeptics. For more great videos and content, check out my Facebook page here and keep a look out for my live videos where I address more topics like this.