One of the number one issues that I hear from the coaches I train and the other people that I work with who have jumped from a 9 to 5 into the wonderful land of self-employment is their frustration over how much they procrastinate.

Procrastination is a boring subject! The topic has really been beat to death. However, I share a little bit of a different spin on it in this video and some tapping to help move you out of procrastination and into your power.

If you tapped along, you should be feeling a pretty good shift right now. If not, run through the tapping a couple of more times until you feel the shift. To help with that, I’ve included a transcription of the tapping exercise from the video here:

(Transcript of Tapping Exercise)
So here’s what I want you to do. Take a look at or bring to mind very quickly some of the goals that you are trying to achieve, some of the big things that you’re trying to do and just notice where it feels overwhelming. Is that a ten on a scale of one to ten? Is the “I don’t know where to get started” or “This is going to be hard.” Just notice what comes up with you when you look at that goal. And we’re going to jump in and do some tapping.

I’m really having trouble getting started. I’m overwhelmed. I’m either zoning out or I’m doing, doing, doing, busy, busy, busy. But it’s mostly distraction and I’m not getting to the important things. I do feel better now that Margaret said it happens to a lot of people. But I need to get more done. And I’m just going to honor that. I’m spinning in my mind state. There’s anxiety running through my system. And I’m hardly even aware of it. There’s anxiety blasting through my system. My body is filled with nervous energy and I’m not getting the important things done. And I’m hardly aware of it because I’m not really in my body. I’m up in my head because there’s a lot to think about. Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking.

And then I’d stop to criticize myself. I should be getting more done. Thinking, thinking, thinking, spinning and thinking. It’s okay. I’m taking on a lot. I’m open to coming down into my body and looking at my goals in the very next thing I have to do, just the very next thing. I’m open to being solid about that, getting started. I’m open to being solid and getting started so I can see a chunk of progress that feels solid and I will celebrate that solid chunk of progress on each step I take.

And take a big deep breath. And just notice how it feels now in your body. Notice I have mind of little more quiet and I want you to now notice that in this state, you can be more strategic and more solid about what you need to get done next. And I want you to think about progress, not the big goal, progress, not the big goal to get solid chunks of progress done so that you can feel in your body solidly accomplished one little step at a time. And I’m telling you, you’ll have so much more energy for your big goal if you celebrate the progress along the way. So get up there and get more done. Stand in your power and go for it.

Would love to know how this felt and what changes you noticed so please comment below.