Being filled with your personal power is something that you can only achieve by first being more fully present in your body and you wouldn’t believe how hard that is for so many of us. Why? Because to be present in your body means you are having an inner experience of your power, of your value, of your confidence, of your feelings, of what it feels like to be on fire and alive, not a mental experience of it, a physical palpable feeling of it.

More importantly though, this is a quality that is felt by other people. It is not a mental quality. It’s not something you can learn or figure out, it is a quality of being in your body or being in your first chakra and so as we look at the way that I teach the chakras, your first chakra is your foundation of power and so many people overlook it. We’re busy meditating and learning new things and we’re not as powerfully present in our body as we want to be.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to tap to be more fully in your power so that you feel it but so does everyone else you come in contact with!

I hope this helps you to embrace your personal power. Let me know what you think of this tapping!