The day you left corporate behind…

Can we talk about that day?

The day you “came out of the closet” as a person who wanted more than a job….you wanted to grow, expand and do something of MEANING.

The day you decided to find and do (and be) what you were born to…and make a real impact.

That was a defining day and everything started to change.

I just want you to take a minute and be present with that. Honor that.

You took a step in faith and followed your heart and vision. Yes, honor yourself for that. Give yourself a HUG for that.

Why? Because I know the road since then has sometimes been challenging. There have been highs and lows, stuck moments, confusion and doubts.

I am right there with you.

When I left “the company” behind, I gained complete freedom to use my time, earn and live my mission MY WAY. YEAH! But I also became “free” of certain resources I took for granted….um ya, like entire departments!

Let’s see, there’s the computer support department for starters. What? I have to figure out my own laptop at Bestbuy and buy my own software? OYE! And then there is the marketing and sales department…geez, guess they are necessary (HAHA)… and remember getting “BENEFITS” and someone else making copies and printing?

Oh, the unexpected freedom from all that support was a bit unsettling.

But the big one we usually can’t wait to be rid of is…having a boss. Someone who is holding you accountable to your goals and willing to invest in your growth and professional development. Someone that challenges you…

Yup, could not wait to ditch the boss…until I realized, DANG, I kind of need someone holding me accountable, giving me direction, making me come out of the weeds and see the big vision. Well you could’ve knocked me over with a feather on that day of realization!

So let’s just exhale again and honor this decision – this big step you took and everything that came with it. It’s big! And we did it for a very important reason that is TRUE and REAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE!

Cause even with these challenges, we would do it again wouldn’t we? Be proud and filled with the presence of your courage in the steps you have taken so far. You are not like everybody else, you are on a mission!

For me, looking both sides square in the face has helped me to realize how important it is for me to have support. To ask for, manifest, seek, ALLOW and RECEIVE support.

Powerful people: re-read that last sentence!

I particularly needed support around making progress and seeing the big vision. All the other departments can be outsourced incrementally as needed…but having someone hold you accountable to goals means a relationship with someone in mutual respect and trust.

So today I want you to think about how you are reaching out for support to colleagues, mentors, coaches…to get direction, see the big vision AND to hold you accountable.

Why accountable when that sounds yucky? Because in the realm of less structure and more freedom…you will undeniably make progress faster when you are accountable to it and to another person.

If you are looking to connect and find an accountability partner or mastermind mini group, I have a Private Facebook group called Ignite Your Power that is an incredible resource! The tribe of people in that group are extraordinary and motivated! Access has been limited to attendees of my live event and programs, but I am opening it up for a week for YOU if you want in.

If you want to join (there’s no charge) see the instructions below the tapping! You will receive resources, advice and challenges from my coaches as well!

Okay, here is your affirmation for today to use with or without tapping!


The day I left the “company” world behind
I became free!
It was scary and exhilarating!
Free to go for my dreams,
Free to do what I love

But I also became shockingly free
of support that I was used to,
helpful, necessary, daily support
It’s been challenging at times
And I have done a lot all by myself

Sometimes I flounder
Or don’t use my time well
Not really sure what to do first
Or which strategy to work
The downside of not having a boss!

I honor that big decision
And that it’s been hard too!
The road to my BIG VISION is challenging!
And it has a lot of weeds to get stuck in!

So I am now open to support!
Brilliant people who respect me
Bringing me all kinds of gifts of support!
Support from unlikely places
Support both expert and with everyday stuff
Support from world class colleagues
Who will believe in my vision
Challenge me (yikes!)
And appreciate my support too!

I am open to attracting, allowing
Magnetizing, manifesting amazing people
Who show up, believe in me, resonate with me
Want to connect with me
In fabulous win/win relationships!

Yes, I would like that!

And being a bit more accountable
To my goals and plans
With a person I respect
Will keep me moving forward, I know it!
I am opening the universe providing
The perfect situation for my highest good
And theirs!

Because my big vision, my mission
And as important, REAL and mine
As the day I left the company life behind.



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