Most people would love to feel more passionately alive and to be viewed as charismatic, compelling and powerful, especially the coaches and experts that I work with.  But no amount of teaching will allow those qualities to emanate outward unless you can find a way to actually feel them from a place deep inside.

These are all qualities of the 2nd Chakra and they have to be allowed to flow, upward and outward.  It’s an energy you must feel if you want others to feel it from you.

What often blocks this energy from being allowed to flow through you are vows that you’ve taken to “keep yourself safe.”  One of the most powerful vows is the vow to NEVER be Vulnerable.

That’s why I’m so excited to share a series of processes to help you release your vow to never be vulnerable and I’m going to begin with the general vow.

Watch the video and begin to release this vow now!

Wow, that was probably pretty intense for some of you. You’ve no doubt had some release of the vow to never be vulnerable and over the next few weeks, I’m going to be featuring more processes to continue the work on this vow and more 2nd Chakra work so that you can begin to allow this powerful energy to move through you and flow out of you in a way that captivates and moves everyone around you!