Ready to be excited and maybe slightly agitated? It’s for a good cause!

It’s about YOU setting your sights higher, thinking BIGGER, asking for more and PLANNING to have, do and be more.

But you have to be ready to admit to wanting something a lot bigger…and it’s always 2 fold because it’s the law of Impact and Income…the more impact you make from your heart and brains and intention…well, of course, the more income you will make!

Okay, so let’s move forward and start creating and manifesting what you really want!

Along the way, we will uncover more blocks which we can easily liberate too!

(This is what makes this process thrilling, exciting AND irritating…You’re welcome and sorry!)

So what do you want to earn from doing what you love?

(You see, you may have earned easily in corporate America, but earning easily doing what you LOVE is a whole new ballgame…. It will trigger all of your VOWS!)

Get out a Post-it note right now and write it down:

What do you want to EARN…like take home pay?

How many hours do you want to work to earn that?

How many people will be receiving your gifts (just guess) if you were making that much money?

Take a minute to make the connection between YOUR big earning goal and many more people getting whatever wonderful thing you provide! Don’t you LOVE that???? This means that by setting a bigger income goal, you will end up making a BIGGER impact for good on the world!

FEEL that? See why you matter so much and your goals MATTER to me?

Okay, now I want you to look at your income goal and the number of hours and test how impossible it feels on a scale of 1-10…because your limiting programming is usually shouting, “THAT is impossible!” or something like, “it would probably be really hard to earn that much”.

Great! Because what we uncover, we can clear! Then we become more FREE to create!

Below is some great tapping to keep turning off the programming and opening you up to the possibility of all the ways this CAN unfold for you. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Remember, the Universe is conspiring with you for the highest good of you and others by placing these goals and desires in your heart and mind.

TREAT them as SACRED and let them call you forward! (re-read that last sentence)


Round 1:

I don’t believe my goal is possible
Even though part of me does not fully believe
That my goal of $____________ is possible,
I accept who I am and how I feel about it.

It’s impossible, THIS is impossible!
No way, no how,
It’s crazy,
It’s obnoxious!
It’s embarrassing to say!
People would judge me
It’s too big,
Maybe in Corporate I can earn this
But not doing what I love!!!
And it would likely be too hard
Not going to happen!
The inner skeptic in me shouts
“Don’t get your hopes up!”
It’s impossible
Who am I to want that!
There must be a vow in there
Because I feel some fear
And maybe even some shame too
It’s impossible
Wrong to want
Never gonna happen!

(WHEW! Breathe, exhale, let that move and continue…)

I am now more open to the shift
A shift within me
Supported by spirit
I choose to be open
To the limitless possibilities
Of the Universe
Far beyond what I can currently see.

I somehow have faith right NOW
In this moment
That everything needed
To accomplish this goal
Will surprise me by
Occurring in the right way at the right time.

(Okay, Now is a good time to make the income goal EVEN bigger…
how about DOUBLE…and then do the tapping below.)

Round 2:

This is way more than I have ever made.
Oh now I feel it!
I feel nervous, anxious, YUCK!
This amount is huge,
Way more than I have ever made,
I just can’t imagine it
Not doing what I love
It’ll never pay that much
And working less than my parents did?
That feels weird, selfish, wrong
Can I really help that many people?
That feels scary too!
This sucks Margaret!
I’d like a smaller goal!
I am just going to accept all my feelings right now
And honor the vows coming up in me!
Observe how uncomfortable and irritated
Having a big goal makes me!

(WHEW! Breathe, exhale, let that move and continue…)

I choose to have faith
That I am following my intention.
And my intention is to step each day
Into my life’s purpose
With passion and with JOY!
Giving what I am BORN to give
Doing what I – Yes, I – want to do
For the rest of my life
Cause I have done my duty
Been a good mother, wife, worker, achiever
And now it’s my time
Dang it!
As I let go of the VOW to struggle,
And be what is expected
Want what is appropriate
I become free to soar
To give, to be…my best
And receive the best
YES, this is my big goal
And I deserve it!