This tip is for all the coaches and experts that have clients…in any field that help them reach goals.

And today, it’s a tough subject, it’s about challenging your clients more…but I give you the exact words to use that will leave your clients totally inspired, in awe of you…and sufficiently butt-kicked to get moving!

A simple script can do all that…but you have to be ready to “hold the energy” too…
I explain it all in my short video

First Focus on Intent
When you start to challenge someone, something magical happens.
If you offer the challenge from a place of love and vision for what they’re capable of, it will feel like a vote of confidence to your client; like an invitation to step up.

The client will be far more productive because you’re not just holding them accountable and teaching them a process, you’re actually inspiring them based on everything you see in them that they’re still not able to quite grasp themselves: their gifts, their brilliance and what’s possible for them.

They are going to love you for this and it’s going to make you feel like the best, rock star coach in the world!

What to Say
There will be points in your coaching where you will need to show more compassion and times where you will need to propose clear-cut tasks for them to accomplish. This could involve giving them some sort of deadline or maybe challenging them to create twelve new topics for their blog, or to get very tactical things done in their marketing, their videos and their messaging, or maybe you even challenge them to see a much bigger vision for themselves and their business.

Whatever the challenge may be, if you struggle to find the actual words to say when presenting it, here is some language you can use that may prove helpful:

“I see a bigger vision for you even than you see for yourself because I’ve been working with you and I know you can do it. I’m seeing the gifts that you have that maybe you don’t even see yet. So I’m going to challenge you to step up and do something bigger. I am holding the energy for the vision of what is possible for you. I know that right now, from where you are, it’s sometimes difficult to see what’s possible, what you’re capable of and what can happen when you push. It’s harder for you to see that than it is for me. So I am going to demonstrate for you what it looks like and feels like to be incredibly committed to your goal and your outcome. Sometimes, it’s going to feel to you that I am even more committed to your goal and outcome than you are. That’s the energy I’m going to hold for you, because when you falter, it’s okay. I am going to be there holding the vision of that goal for you and demonstrating what that looks like: the energy, the courage, the will, the vibe of being dedicated and focused and really wanting something.”

Demonstrate the “Bigger Vision”
When you say things like that to your client, they will feel two things. First, they feel incredibly supported.

Secondly, they’ve probably never been told anything like this and have never had someone believe in them so much. This does amazing things for their accountability and yours. They will excel knowing you are keeping them on track and really wanting them to succeed, not just being there to reprimand them for getting off track.

This language allows you to really demonstrate what it looks like to be on fire, committed and dedicated to a goal or an outcome. They will see that energy, feel that energy, and model that energy from you.

But there is an elephant in the room here that you might be feeling so I am going to bring it up. It usually sounds like, “I don’t feel comfortable challenging people to hold a bigger vision and accomplish bigger things than I have!”

So, it cannot go without saying that in order to challenge your clients, you need to challenge yourself.

We can’t let the coaching industry become watered down with coaches who aren’t accountable for their own challenges and successes, because that will ripple down onto our clients!

It is your absolute job as a coach to keep pushing your own envelope, pushing what’s possible for you, keep working the strategies that you’ve learned to grow your business and keep pushing your inner work as well.

And when you are doing that…you then need to be willing to acknowledge that all people are a work in progress, including yourself.

Putting in the work and completing coach training is no small feat and you should absolutely be proud of that. However, you don’t ever want to think that your work stops there, you must keep challenging yourself to have the right and the “energetics” to congruently challenge your clients!

For example, when considering charging more when creating packages, selling higher tickets or even upping your price with a client, if you feel fear or shame, those are two huge warning signs that you need to do some inner work yourself.
Tapping (or EFT) is perfect for helping you work through something like this because it will clear any blocks or resistances you are having to charging your worth.

How will you teach your clients to value themselves if you don’t value yourself? How will you stand strong and hold that energy, power and vision for them and their business to say YES to receiving if you aren’t doing those things for yourself?

When you push yourself and step out of your comfort zone, step up, create deadlines and then knock it out of the park, you will feel so solid and powerful, that you’ll be perfectly equipped to challenge your clients in a similar manner.

So remember to be a good coach, you don’t have to be an ascended master meditating on a mountain. You just need to challenge yourself regularly to deal with your own inner blocks and make sure you’re at least one step ahead of your clients.

If you take the time to sit down and deal with one of your blocks, working and tapping through your own inner stuff all the way to the other side, ESPECIALLY when it’s hard, you are going to feel like a completely KICK-ASS coach when you step into that next session with a client!

You will have earned the right to tell them, “Hey, we are moving forward on your goals,” because you’ve moved forward on your own. You will feel it through your whole energy system, holding that energy even more powerfully by saying to yourself: “You know what, I’m working through my stuff and I’m holding this space for you (the client) to work through yours!”

And that, my friends, is an awesome coach!

Please do tell me what you think though by leaving a comment below! Yup, I read them all!