Today I wanted to talk about a rather serious money vibe situation. It’s called toxic money and if it’s running in your life you definitely want to use today’s tapping script.

Recently I was on live Q&A call with all of the new people who are working through my 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation program. One caller described a frustrating cycle she had with always running out of money and having her mom bail her out and send her cash. She felt embarrassed and disappointed in herself every time it happened…AND she really hated being in the position of needing that money!

THIS is one example of the Toxic Money cycle.

Several people resonated with the issue, especially when I explained a toxic money pattern can take other forms. Any time you have a situation in which you are owed money – maybe from an inheritance, divorce or child support – and it is being withheld in battle or anger, or given with resentment – but you REALLY need and want that money – it becomes a toxic pattern. It is also toxic any time you are being given money that you REALLY need, but it comes with a price of guilt, control over you, what you say and how you act.

This can happen from being in an unhealthy relationship with someone you rely on to take care of you with their money. If you feel trapped—needing their money to survive or maintain a lifestyle you’re used to—negative emotions build. Every thought about being supported and having to stay in the relationship can eventually create extreme loathing, anger, shame and disgust.

Are you realizing right now that you (or someone you love) has a toxic money pattern? Whew, I know, it’s bad so just take a breath and honor yourself. This is such a huge thing to uncover because THE common denominator is that people with toxic money always say the same thing, “ever since this pattern started, I have never been able to earn again.”

Clearing toxic money however is HUGELY transformative because it allows you to start creating money again! But it also means you have a LOT of tapping to do about the entire situation and the people involved in the toxic money pattern. Expect this tapping to bring up a lot of anger, blame, sadness, hurt and loss…and on the other side of that…amazingly beautiful peace and clarity.

I hope the tapping helps…I just created it for my 7 Levels Tribe but they were fine with me sharing it to all of you. And please do forward this to anyone you think it will benefit!

Tapping for Toxic Money Pattern

This tapping is geared toward someone who is giving you money (or withholding money rightfully yours) but it comes with a big price. First, tune into the person with whom you have this toxic money relationship. Really feel the conflict within the relationship, the “you owe me, you never gave me, it’s still not fair!”

Start tapping:
You owe me!
You owe me!
You owe me!
And I really want that money!
And I hate that I really want it!
And I really NEED that money
And I hate that I need it so badly.
Needing you to give me that money
Keeps me stuck
Keeps me stunted
Keeps me locked in a toxic pattern
Both with YOU and with money
I HAVE to stay needy and poor
To keep this money coming
And I hate that too!
And there is so much more behind this
So much I never got from you
So much you should have given me but didn’t
The things, real things that I have always needed
Always wanted …at a deep level
I have been denied
You have withheld them
And you should have given them
And others have withheld them from me
And it’s ALL in this toxic money mix!
All this emotion and battle and loss
ALL in this toxic money mix!
I just honor this and am open
To seeing it with new eyes clearly
So I can observe and start to move
Start to move on and away
From this toxic cycle
I honor all the pain and loss and unfairness
That I have really suffered
And so I honor how and why
This pattern started
But I am getting ready to move on
And move up and away from this

Breathe. This is a good time to switch to outright BLAME tapping where you tap while yelling and blaming this person for EVERTHING and every slight and ever loss and all the unfairness. Don’t hold back, this is your day in court! State your case and all your damages! Finish by saying, “and I am right about this and I refuse to let this go and I insist that you change! I insist that you change and be who I need you to be and start finally giving me what I needed all along! And I will stay in battle with you until I get what I should have gotten!”

That will feel really good and help release the energy the fastest so you are ready for the next round.

Start tapping Again:
Whew, I had SOOO much energy
And emotion and trauma locked up
In this toxic pattern, toxic relationship
I can see why and how it started
And I honor that as today I really heard
THE TRUTH about how much this has hurt me
And I deserve to be heard and honored
By ME, with compassion from MYSELF!
So I am wrapping myself with love
And understanding…deep understanding
And compassion. It’s okay now.
I am open to seeing a way out of this
To letting go of all I am pushing into this
And all the toxic energy that I have been
Pulling out of it
I am open to blessing this whole mess
And giving it permission to raise up and off
My life, my body, my energy system
Letting raise up and off
Clearing and releasing and unwinding
From my life path, my karma
My nervous system and all my energy bodies
Maybe this pattern has been at play
Multiple lifetimes for me
And I am being called NOW to heal it
Heal it in this lifetime for good!

So I am open to the power of
Staying present and conscious
Doing my inner work with integrity
So I can move on and up and away from
This old toxic pattern
And heal all that needs healing and love within me
And heal the energy of money in my life.

As I let go of this pattern
I come to a NEW energy and relationship with myself
More loving and deeply nurturing
And a NEW energy and relationship with money
More loving and deeply nurturing!
I step into my ADULT, filled empowered self
As a powerful manifestor
Able to create any amount of money I desire
From my power and gifts and energy
I am a creator!
And creating is WAY more fun!