Well my email on tapping away the inner critic really triggered a lot of people.

And this more than anything else can trigger tons of emotion especially in people that are not usually that emotional.

This is where the problem comes in! “DANG Margaret, now I am feeling all these feelings..and what good is that???!!!”

So why does it make some people so emotional to tap on “I should have done it better!”. Well because a very specific bodily organ that is also an energy center wakes up…

Ummmm….it’s called YOUR HEART!

(And I wanted to give you some tapping today for your wonderful and sacred heart!)

So here’s the deal, every single time you criticize yourself or simply say, “that could have been better” this is what is happening in your body and energy system. Your mind, which is a robot, ruthlessly hurts you with words so much that your heart chakra closes. Your heart cannot stay open in the “field” of criticism and it will stay closed until you break that field.

I mean every single time. Nope, it does not matter if you think you are right or that you need to learn a lesson. When you criticize, which is very different from the way a good teacher actually teaches and supports and mentors, you are ruthless and uncaring to yourself and it literally hurts your heart.

So when we tap on those words, we start to break the field of critical “not good enough yet” and suddenly…the words feel less true.

Then something big happens, you start to feel a GLIMMER of compassion for yourself.

Then the sadness wells up and tears may flow….maybe even deep sobbing.


Because with your robot-mind shut down for a second you can finally feel how much those words hurt you ….and have been hurting you for a long time. I am literally getting emotional writing this!

I have done this process with thousands of people over the years and it never ceases to awe me…and move me. Because I believe that breaking the field of criticism and finally allowing our hearts to open to our OWN compassionate love and caring of OURSELVES is a sacred, sacred thing.

Let’s PLEASE do more of it! (see tapping below)

So remember, your thinking mind is a robot that does not understand or “do” love, compassion, forgiveness or even passion. It never will…ever! That is not its job.

It’s job is mainly a lifetime of telling you what is not safe for you…and warning you against danger and pain….the pain of being criticized by someone else and the pain of being disappointed.

These are the realms of the energy center known as the heart…and it is powerful…especially when it is open and feeling love!

Here is some tapping to help open your heart chakra and make you more powerfully present today!

Tapping through all of the points and adding in tapping right on your heart chakra:

I am really noticing my Inner Critic
And all the ways this robot in my head
Talks to me non-stop…
and it’s never positive
It is always on, always reminding me “could have been better!”
Thinks it is right, and that I am always doing it wrong
And it never rests, never gives me peace
I can never just BE
And feel deserving
And the truth is, this hurts
It breaks my heart
Closes me down
Isolates me in my own world of “not good enough yet”
I honor that I often break my own heart
And it’s just as painful as when someone else does it
I honor my sadness and the compassion
That finally arises when I remember the truth
That I am worthy of every good thing right now
Including being totally and deeply loved
By me AND others.
And that opens my heart!

And my beautiful heart is more powerful
Then my computer mind
My most powerful energy center
It is full of wisdom
And the understanding that goes beyond past
Seeing the big picture and loving all of it
My heart is vast and deep and tender
My heart loves to LOVE every moment
My heart loves me and is fearless about being open!
And when my heart is open
I feel so much more
So much more ME

So much more alive
So much more YES
I honor my beautiful and open heart!