Could you use a miracle? Me too! I love when they show up!

Today I am sharing some awesome tapping to draw in a miracle from my Ignite Your Power event last year.

What I find TRULY fascinating about miracles is that when they occur you realize something mind-blowing. The circumstances to BRING you that miracles have been lining up for months, sometimes years, totally without your knowledge or intervention! A series of events, coincidences, synchronicities, changes in some else’s life, business, relationship have all be interacting, conspiring in perfect INSANE timing all leading up to the moment the miracle occurs for you.

Do you realize what that means????

It means that it is extremely likely that RIGHT NOW, out there…something is being co-created and formed and combined, without your knowledge, that will come together at a specific time…maybe today or maybe next month…and reveal itself as a miracle just for you!

Think about that! What could it be? And can we impact or influence it’s occurrence?

I believe YES we can! With your powerful intention spoken aloud through your 5th chakra – your voice – we can direct, co-create and draw that miracle to ourselves! Remember YOU are a powerful creator!

Check out the tapping here and feel the power of your voice and intention, while calling in a miracle!



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