This is for all of you experts out there who know that you can get 100% FREE advertising that will compel your very best clients to follow you…by putting great content videos on YouTube.

But…you either have not done a video or only done a few because…you don’t like how you “look” in video.

Well if you are brave, I have a very racy tip that will shift your state and bring more energy, lightness and authenticity on camera…

Click below to watch my short video, cause I can’t put it in writing, the spam blockers will stop it!

Plus I give 2 more great and fast tips to totally enhance how you look on camera!

And then…YES please do try and it!

Even though it’s…ummm…shall I say unconventional, no one will know, and you will love the change in your on camera presence.

And let me know how it goes with a side by side test!

(you don’t have to describe the “garment” just the video impact, ha ha)


PS if I never got over my fear of making video…I would not be writing to you right now!

Please, if you have something that will improve the life of someone else, maybe someone on the other side of the planet that you will never even meet, please push yourself to put it on YouTube so the world can benefit and people can find you!