Last year, I got an unexpected gift of a signed copy of Neale Donald Walsch’s new book “What God Said” which is 25 core messages of his best-seller “Conversations With God”.

I love it and it really inspired me to talk about receiving…and maybe…yaaaa maybe, even do some awesome tapping to get “better” at it.

I loved message #20, where he says:

“Life functions within a BE-DO-HAVE paradigm. Most people have this backwards, imagining that first one must “have” things in order to “do” thinks and thus “be” what they wish to be. Reversing this process is the fastest way to experience mastery in living.”

So I would like to point out 2 parts of this and give you some AWESOME tapping today!

First, YES, as you do the inner work it will always let you grow into BEING as he says, “the next grandest version of your greatest vision of yourself”.

And from that place everything you DO is more powerful, more inspired and will have a bigger impact on other and the world.

That is when the receiving part happens because as you make a bigger impact, by law that energy come back to you in the form of receiving abundance of money, wealth, reward, thanks and recognition.

BUT here is my second point…our closely held beliefs about whether or not we are safe, allowed to or good enough yet…to received money, wealth, reward, thanks and recognition will block the having and receiving part.

I mean block like a solid wall!

I know you are doing A LOT and you are willing to do and give a lot, but for today, I want you to refocus on receiving…and redouble your efforts to let go of the beliefs that attach all sorts of measurements, proving and conditions to receiving money, wealth, reward, thanks and recognition.

So here is some fabulous tapping for you today…receive and keep receiving! That is what I want for you!

Tapping or Being a GREAT Receiver
Karate Chop Point:
Even though I’m not a good receiver, (there, I said it!) I’m a fantastic giver. I forgive myself for that, and I hope other people can forgive me too. It’s not fun to give to someone who doesn’t receive well, and that’s been me. I’m open to growing myself into a fantastic and gracious receiver. Even though I’ve been saying, “No thank you.” to God/The Divine and miracles, I’m now open to receiving and I’m going to practice every day, because I want to get it right. Even though I haven’t been a great receiver , I accept all that I am, out of balance in that, and I’m open to growing myself into a fantastic receiver.

Tapping Through the Points:
I am open to receiving.
I’m open to receiving miracles.
I’m open to receiving money.
I’m open to receiving 10 bucks.
I’ll say thank you every time.
I’m open to receiving big things.
I’m open to receiving little things.
I’m open to receiving checks and cash.
I’m open to receiving WEALTH.
I’m open to receiving recognition.
I’m open to receiving help and support.
I’m open to receiving gratitude for my awesomeness.
I’m open to receiving fantastic ideas,
Million dollar ideas.
I’m open to receiving everything I need
To walk my life purpose.
I’m open to receiving it in Divine timing,
And I’m going to say, ‘Yes, thank you!’ all day long.
Thank you for money.
Yes to help.
Yes, to compliments.
Yes to payments received for my work!
Thank you for divine inspiration.
Yes to abundance,
In all its forms.
I’m saying yes to joy.
I’m saying yes to love.
I’m saying yes to heartfelt thank you’s
That others give to me.
I totally honor my deserving.
I’m now open to receiving
From the moment I wake up
To the moment I go to bed,
Thank you, thank you, all day long.