I am writing you from an amazing event filled with inspiring speakers and strategies! And the best part is, I am not working at all…WHOO HOO just receiving!

Jack Canfield spoke last night and was, of course, yes, AMAZING…but even more amazing was what happened earlier in the day.

But let me start a bit earlier…I made a great new friend a couple of months ago named Mark who is the CEO of a COOL new company called Sgrouples – a company which has Jack as a board member. Turns out….Mark is a HUGE fan of tapping and really wanted a copy of my new book…like he wasn’t just saying that…ya know? Well Mark actually read it and loved it and my mission to change the conversation about middle class wealth programming!

I believe in Mark’s mission too so we started supporting each other…and then he did something for me that blew me away. This man, who I still barely knew only a month or so…carried a copy of my book into his next meeting with Jack Canfield and handed it to him saying, “You HAVE to read this book”. (And he reminded Jack that he had met me before as I had been at Jack’s house as his top partner last year…but Jack meets LOTS of people)

So lesson 1: Holy cow the power of networking and supporting people who have their own awesome missions…can create unexpected miracles. I can’t tell you the amount of gratitude I have for Mark and what he did for me!

Fast forward 3 months to yesterday…I get a chance to say hello to Jack Canfield and tell him that Mark gave him my book. Guess what he said?

Jack said, “I read your book cover to cover and loved it! I loved how you went in so precisely and clearly and got to the heart of issues so quickly…it was really an amazing book.” then…he went on to give specific examples of what he liked revealing that INDEED he actually had read the book.

I was stunned and barely squeaked out a thank you and asked him if he would so kindly please give me a short blurb endorsing the book….and then…JACK CANFIELD WROTE DOWN MY EMAIL. I wandered away trying to seem composed….HOLY %&^%$$$$$!

I went to sit down as the event was starting up…and I could not sit…I jumped up and ran out. I had to tell someone…jump up and down…process and feel what had just happened. So I told some random women in the bathroom, celebrated with them and then called and texted everyone I frickin knew!!

Lesson 2: Celebrate the HellO out of stuff…you earned it! I have not stopped celebrating since, I keep reviewing it over and over and keep feeling it.

(Do you see how different that is from reviewing and reviewing our mistakes…which is what we normally do? (Oh and it feels better too!)

Lesson 3: CRAZY insane miraculous things happen when you get out of your routine and house and go to events that inspire big, crazy, miraculous, insane thinking!

So if I get an email from Jack Canfield with a blurb endorsing my book…I am telling you right now…oh ya, you are going to hear about it! (Hope you are not getting sick of hearing my book journey yet, ha ha) You are hearing about it already and I don’t even have it.

Lesson 4: SHARE all the amazing things that happen to you with other people because it will re-inspire you and others about what is possible (especially since the rest of the media out there is negative!)

So below I have included a nice fun tapping for you today to start you thinking and musing and asking BIG for Jack Canfield or Oprah or any of your heroes to see your brilliance and actually TELL YOU!

That is what I want for you with all of my heart, and I promise you, if you keep giving and serving and putting out your best and pushing your comfort zone it WILL come to pass!

Lesson 5: Keep saying what you believe in and doing what you are great at…even if it’s not the popular point of view…and keep on THAT and eventually people and INFLUENCERS will take notice.

…. And it may be a good time to watch my video, Tapping Into Miracles here on YouTube but don’t forget to come back and do the amazing tapping below!
(hey 478,000 plus people can’t be wrong about this video!)

PS, you can still get my book HERE. 

Tapping for Amazing People to line up to support you!

(Start tapping on Karate chop point)

Even though I feel like I am an amazing but well-kept secret, I am open to people seeing my value
Even though I feel like no one has yet seen what I am really doing and capable of, I am totally open to people seeing how much greatness I have in me
Even though I sometimes doubt that I am that special, talented or unique or called to do something big, I am open to others seeing it even when I don’t.

(Tapping through the points)

I am open to Jack Canfield telling me I am awesome
I am open to Oprah saying, “there is something special about you”
I am open to the TODAY Show saying, “we love your story and want an exclusive”
I am open to a room full of people standing and clapping because of what I give
I am open to giving and being my BEST in exchange
I am open to seeing and feeling my GREATNESS within at least once a day
I am open to LISTENING to a friend when they remind me of my awesome-ness
I am open to interview requests that start out with, “ I am a huge fan of your work”
I am open to speaking my truth and talents from every mountain top no matter how many “no’s” I get
I am open to speaking my truth and talents everywhere because I know the people who are waiting to hear
from me…WILL GET IT and will benefit
I am opened to being more committed to my mission than my doubts
And I am open to being HONORED in the very near future for that exact commitment
I am open to saying, “thank you Jack, thank you Oprah, thank you Matt Lauer!”
I am open to meeting my heroes and having them see me as a colleague DANGIT!
I am opening to shining in my greatness for the highest good of everyone I serve, me and the world
And I am open to people of influence lining up and supporting me in my mission!

Whew, now that was fun, right?