Lately, I have been a bit on a theme of shifting from your inner critic to the opposite…which is having an open heart.

(if you have not read the last 2 blogs, I highly recommend you check them out! )

Today I want to talk about how being in your inner critic actually BLOCKS money and how having an open heart and SELF-love, SELF-compassion, SELF-kindness actually creates more money.

… and more ridiculous amounts of goodness in the world.

Sound like they are not connected? Well, strangely they are!

Here is why and some fabulous tapping you will love and hate. (you’ll see why)

When your inner critic is in full force it means it is really REALLY really on its job of protecting you from any kind of criticism or even attack.

In other works, it is protecting you from being vulnerable.

(read that again)

You will never allow yourself to put yourself out there in a bigger way…or even GIVE more of your gifts and brilliance if your inner critic/computer brain is telling you that you will be vulnerable to criticism or hurt.

So this is going to be a bit tough to read, but I am going to tell you this because I have a full body, mind, soul, rising energy, intuition, guidance telling me that you need to move through this more quickly!

So here is what you will do and not do:

You will keep doing the same safe things over and over (like quietly working on a website or taking another class)

You will keep perfecting something that you have not shared with anyone because you want it to be “right” and “perfect” first.

You will not start sharing your amazing ideas, helpful techniques and desire to help with more people.

You will not go out and start meeting MORE people and telling them about what you do.

You will stay isolated and frozen from the very people AND actions that will allow you to help more people and make more money.

Whew…breathe. That was hard, and believe me I have done it, all of my friends and colleagues have done it…we have all been there!

But here is how you look on the other side when the computer brain critic lightens up:

You are being a resource to everyone you meet with an open heart.

You are speaking with energy and passion about what you love to do/teach/create.

You are sharing your gifts on video, audios and in front of groups of people because you are so bursting with caring and desire to serve that you can’t NOT do it another second.

You are still concerned about criticism or attack and you do have your feelings on the line…but it does not stop you…it can’t stop you.

And that makes money rejoice and show up in a continuous flow!

Money loves connection and serving and giving.

Money hates isolation!

MONEY arrives in response to the open heart that is fearless in its giving!

Feel into that for a minute so you can self-assess the truth in it. Because I want you to feel your own truth in this just for a minute without your inner critic having a say!

It feels good doesn’t it?

Yes, it’s harder and takes more courage to be vulnerable and put yourself out there…but let’s just say it, being frozen and isolated when you have SO VERY MUCH TO GIVE…really just stinks.

Here is some tapping to help you move through this, would love to hear how it feels for you…yes even if it irritates you! (I read all your comments!)

Tapping through all of the points and adding in tapping right on your heart chakra:

I have been hiding,
Yes, I admit it
I have been hiding and protecting myself
But with really good reason
It’s scary out there
I am safe where I am
I am working on stuff to share later
Someday I will just take on the world
But first I gotta make it perfect
So that I am more safe from criticism
If it’s totally perfect
Then I won’t be vulnerable
I have got to be perfect first
It has got to be perfect first
I am probably not ready to be seen MORE
I should probably wait til next week
To go meet more people
And share all I know
How can I be a resource?
People won’t get what I do!
Then they will look at me
With that look…and that will feel like death!


It’s okay, I don’t want to be vulnerable
That’s all it is
It’s scary to be out there
With my heart and feelings on the line
Cause I care so much
And this means so much to me
I don’t want to fail or be ignored
So my inner critic is keeping isolated
Working away by myself
But money hates isolation
And being safe and not seen is actually
NOT what I want
I want to give so much
I have so much to give and it’s good stuff
I want to help people the way I help people
There are things I can right or fix or teach
That will make a huge impact for people
People I don’t even know yet
But people I understand and want to help
I really do!

My heart wants sing with what I have to say
My heart wants to give all I have to give
My heart is actually fearless
Because although it can get hurt
My heart knows I will always recover
And sing again another day!
My heart wants me to never stop singing
My heart wants me to shine
My heart is so full and loves to share
My heart is so much more wise
It knows how abundance and money and karma all work!

So I am still afraid, but open to taking a step
Maybe 20% more singing and shining!
Maybe I can handle 20% giving and being out there!
I know I can handle 20% more income!
So that means I leave this stuck place
I take a break from this isolation THIS week
And put myself out there
Around other people at least once….
And let my loving open heart sing
And bless everyone I meet
And they will be open and receive me!
Because everyone feels an open heart
And I do all this because I must give
Even with my very human fears of being vulnerable
Of being criticized or rejected
And that makes me the coolest person
Because courage is badass
and that makes me a total rockstar!



PS. Come back and tell me what action you took!