Happy NEW YEAR! I wish you a blessed and
prosperous new year!

Last week, I was prepping like crazy for my free
class all about stepping up in 2013 and I came to
some truths that I wanted to share with you…as a
bit of a blessing for you in the new year!

I will share that personally, I have made a big
decision about myself, my actions and my mission
in 2013. That decision is to truly STEP up! I am
challenging myself (since I don’t have a boss to
challenge me HA!) to take 2013 by storm and give
more than I ever have, own my power more than
I ever have and ask, inspire, CHALLENGE you to
own your power more than YOU ever have.
(It will take a new level of courage but I am
determined to find it within me!)

I also want to encourage you to start off the year
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If you are not reaching enough people to get paid
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Okay, here are my truths for you:

I believe that you, reading this right now, have what
it takes to BE GREAT!
I believe you have what it takes to go BIGGER and
share your gifts WIDER.
I believe you have EARNED standing more fully in
your power.
I believe you are more powerful now, right now, than
you have ever been!
I believe there is nothing you can’t learn and apply and
MASTER if it serves your mission and you are willing.
I believe you are better than most, yes better…more
heart, more gifts, more desire, more vision!
I believe that thousands of people would agree with
me if you gave them the chance to know you.
Read that last one again!
I believe that 2013 represents your chance to demand
more of yourself…think bigger!
I believe that you have a bigger dream and vision than
you have admitted out loud.
I believe the playing field has been leveled IN FAVOR
of the talented individual to stand out and make a
I believe we are at an unprecedented time in history for
a person to create a career and get paid well as an
I believe you can change the course of your life, mission
and money by learning something new…and applying
it expertly.
I believe it’s time to get more serious about what you are
going to be doing for the next 10 years.
I believe you can duplicate every success I have had…
and surpass me, it’s not rocket science!
I believe you have to challenge yourself on what you really
want and what you really believe is possible for you.

So…what do you believe?

What do you believe about you? About 2013? What do
you believe is possible for you, and is it your time to GO!

Try reading this list again speaking for yourself, about
yourself and see how that feels!


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