Today my publisher reached out to let me know they are planning the release of the paperback version of my book next year!

I was like, “do you really think I can wrap my head around 2015 right now? It’s March!”

Luckily, I just thought that to myself! (because doesn’t 2015 seem like a LONG time away?)

Still recovering from my live event, I barely have the brain power right now to think about next week.

But it did remind me to go check my book on Amazon…and someone posted something about my book that shocked me….serious WHOA moment….

A good shock…someone posted a 5-star review a few days ago titled with a question, “Why is this the best self-help book ever written?”

(you can see it here under the reviews)
“Tapping Into Wealth on”

Wow, I love this person!(How could I not? That is some seriously high praise)

And she inspired me today to share some of the good stuff in my book!

So let’s clear away some of the blocks in your money! Oh YEA!

Ready? Take a breath and sit and think about the amount of money you are earning right now. Notice if that creates some feelings in you. Now state out loud, “It’s not enough.” If that feels true for you…try the tapping below!

Tapping for a new money vibe (and more money)
Start tapping through any of the points, your favorite way:

Even though the truth is
I try to be positive
but this number is just not enough
and I really feel that
right in my stomach
it is depressing
It is scary
It is hopeless
and I am really disappointed
I totally honor all of these real feelings
and I am so open to healing them
because this is a conflict
this hopeless feeling
this deep shame
shouldn’t I be ashamed?
all my disappointment
and all my fears
Oh my goodness!
what if never changes?
I am really feeling the pain of money

Breathe, and Continue tapping

This feeling in my stomach
Oh! I don’t want to look at this
My income just isn’t enough
I try to be positive
I have been being positive for years
And it is still not enough
It hasn’t ever been enough
It is really scary
It feels hopeless
And shameful
It is just not enough
Every time I think about money
Every time I see my income
It is really hard to be grateful
When I feel so bad
It is just not enough

Take a nice deep breathe and let that “nervous system wiring” just go! Now look at your income again and voice aloud, “It’s not enough.” The statement may still be very true, but re-measure how intense your feelings and reactions are now. If they are still high tap through it again. When you feel the emotional intensity come down, you can go from fear, sadness and disappointment to empowerment and a whole new vibe about your income. So get positive! When you disconnect your programmed response, you can instill a new one. You have the space and ability to choose a new way to feel great, excited, interested and enthusiastic about money.

Ready to tap again but this time instilling a powerful positive affirmation to shift and reframe and become a money magnet?

Start tapping through any of the points, your favorite way:

Even though my income still isn’t enough
I am totally open
to the millions of ways
that money can show up for me
I recognize in the present moment
That I am just looking at a result on paper
From my past
But in this present moment
I am a powerful manifestor
So I am changing my vibration about money
I am totally open to all the ways
Money can start showing up for me
And everything I need
I am now attracting to me
To allow more money into my life
I am now attracting ideas
Anything I need
To allow money to show up for me
I am opening up my vibration about money
By saying one simple word
I am now saying YES to money

Breathe, and continue tapping

Looking at money used to make me angry
Or fearful and depressed
Now when I look at money, I just say YES
I actually love receiving money
It is really fun to get money
I actually am grateful for the money I have right now
I am now open
To receiving any kind of (legal) money
I am saying YES to all sorts and forms of money
Cash, check or charge
I am saying YES to money
A whole new vibration about money
I am letting go of fear and depression
I am letting go of shame and anger
And I am now allowing
The REAL me
To resonate with money
I really love money
It is fun because I am good at what I do
I really love earning money
I love what I do
I am really good at it
And now I am open to receiving
With one simple word
Yes to money
I am saying YES to money
I am going to say YES to money
all day long
When I wake up in the morning
When I go to sleep
Yes to money
Even when I dream, I am saying YES to money
I love this vibration
I love this vibration of receiving
I am now receiving and welcoming
More money
into my home
into my business
right into my hands
I am so curious
as to how it will show up
And I am already feeling
And grateful
For more money showing up
Yes to money
Thank you for money
Open to receiving money
All the way through me
Mind, body and soul

Now isnt’t that feeling soooooo sooooo much better!

If you want the book, of course you can see it here and easily pick it up on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles!(worth it for the crazy videos in each chapter alone!)

PS oh if you do get the book, I seriously READ and POUR OVER and RE-READ every review…it means a LOT to me to hear what people think! And it’s great information to show me what to create next! So I would love you to post one!