Do you spend endless amounts of energy trying to repress anger and rage? Are you a pro at stuffing down those feelings and replacing them with “Happy Thoughts?” Is it your honest opinion that you’re doing the world a favor by controlling the anger and rage that you sometimes feel?

Anger is a natural feeling and if you live in this world today, you are going to feel angry sometimes. However, most of us feel as though controlling that anger and never allowing ourselves to feel it, let alone express it, is the only commendable thing to do.

I have another theory on this. Allowing yourself to feel that anger and rage, and if fact express it (in a safe way) is the key to becoming more of who you are.

Watch the video as I explain why you might have taken a vow to never express your anger and why that’s hurting you in the long run (and share some tapping that might help)!

How did that feel…allowing some of that anger to be expressed? Leave a comment and let me know if this struck a cord with you!