As the queen of the mind/body/money connection, I love to reveal where our emotions are secretly WAY too involved in our money!

Who knew that would get me on TV for another appearance with my book!

Well, with the holidays upon us, our focus shifts from earning to spending. But the question on everyone’s mind is: how much should you spend…and how much WILL you spend?

Will you stay on a plan or will 2 pesky emotions derail the holidays and spend your money waaaaay too fast?

This past Tuesday, I headed into the Fox TV studio to appear on the morning show and talk about this exact topic!

Check out my TV appearance as I reveal the 2 emotional traps that cause overspending (and random spending) at the holidays. I also show 3 great strategies to stay on track.

I also made a secret goal to find a way to mention my parents by name in the interview…see if you can catch it!

Check it out here before the link expires!

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