If you have ever really screwed up, acted like an idiot and totally embarrassed yourself…and wonder if you are the only one…well this note and tapping is for you!

Actually I believe that thinking we are “the only ones” who literally mortify ourselves with dumb things we say and do…adds to the embarrassment of the experience. (And we need THAT extra helping of suffering like a hole in the head!)

Well let me tell you about this woman named Margaret Lynch, yes me, who is highly skilled at creating embarrassment moments for herself on a semi-regular basis.

As a matter of fact, just a couple of weeks ago, I acted like an idiot because I got very nervous around someone I was hoping to impress. Looking back, which makes me cringe, I was over talking (also known as babbling on and on) and most likely came off as boastful or self-important.

What was I thinking?

Well, I wasn’t thinking, I was nervous!

But after something like that happens…boy, do I start thinking A LOT. Day and night!

Yes, my mind starts running a million miles an hour reviewing all the things I did wrong, said wrong and yelling at myself for it!

This is the hyper-vigilance of the mind, originally adapted to save our lives by learning from dangerous situations and getting ready with a new strategy…but now turned on full force for a minor mistake.

Have you ever noticed your mind doing that? Do you find yourself reviewing an embarrassing mistake or past failure over and over and telling yourself what an idiot you were?

Not fun at all… but we do it and it seems to feel right like we deserve it…and that somehow we need to learn a very severe lesson.

Yes, tapping can help and I have created script for you today that I hope you like…but please note this is not any easy thing to turn off.

The mind can be very resistant in its persistent thoughts about how wrong we were so YOU MUST be persistent in using tapping to turn this cycle of thoughts off or at least down!

Why? Because it is a vibe that manifests and calls to you “punishment” in the form of some kind of pain or suffering.

Here is why.

When your mind is running in high gear with, “I am such an idiot, why did I do that? etc, your manifesting vibe is “I don’t deserve anything good, I need to suffer to learn my lesson”.

I find after I put my foot in my mouth, do something dumb or act like an idiot…and then review that about 100 times, I have probably paid enough!

It’s best to consciously let it go, forgive ourselves for being human and flawed and continue to ask the universe to send us good times, blessings and fun experiences. I am soooo all for that!

So if you have something dumb in your recent past, just like I do…I hope you like the tapping I have put below!

And feel free to comment, so we “foot in mouth” specialists can see we are not alone!


Tapping for Idiotic behavior

(Tapping through any of your favorite points)

What is wrong with me?
Why did I do that?
Why did I say that?
Oh it’s a train-wreck
Oh I’m a disaster
Why oh WHY?

I wish I could go back in time
And do it differently
I wish I didn’t act so dumb
What was I thinking
It was bad, it was really bad
Okay it wasn’t that bad

But I feel really bad
I feel embarrassed
I feel like and idiot
I am so ashamed
And so sorry!

Why can’t I just do and say everything right all the time?
Why can’t I be perfect and appropriate like other people
Why did I do that? ugh!
I guess cause ummmmmm, I am human?
I guess cause everyone makes mistakes?
No, I should know and do everything right!
I am thinking about this and thinking about it
Reviewing it and reviewing it, such a disaster
And I just can’t let it go, cause I screwed up
And need to remember this so I don’t get confident
And forget to be hyper-vigilant about not making mistakes

Nope, gotta think about it more, gotta review it more
Really need to remind myself all day long
Yes, that is sooo very helpful!

It’s really not!
My inner critic is on high gear
Blasting me for being human and making a mistake
My inner critic is blowing this up into a mountain
And it’s already in the past…and nobody died!

So I am open to letting this go, out of my thoughts
Out of my mind, just letting it go
I am human, I am flawed
I do care and I am sorry I messed up
And that is cause I am a good person

I deserve some compassion, some self-understanding
I deserve to let this go instead of all these mental “beatings”
I can make a mistake and still deserve miracles in my life
I can make a mistake and deserve abundance and prosperity
I can make a mistake and deserve to be loved and accepted
I can make a mistake and still love and accept myself
No I can’t
Yes, yes, I can!

(repeat “no I can’t, yes I can” as needed!)