Today I want to talk about whether or not it’s true that there are PEOPLE out there that are actually waiting for you to step up, be seen and SHINE for them.

Well there is no debate here, it is TRUE, they ARE waiting for you and I want you to feel that, magically and solidly all the way through your system – mind, body, soul!

So you have to try this…because then I am sure you will feel it right in your solar plexus…cause this is actually a “third chakra thing”.

Having all your power at your third chakra – which is your power and action center too – is realizing that you are unique and that your unique gifts are needed by so many people.

Yes, it means that what you do, that thing that you love doing and that you are good at, together with your whole personality, your brains, your heart, your desires is the perfect and most beautiful symphony…and the world needs it.

But they – your perfect, waiting clients – are never, ever going find out about it if you can’t shine with your true gifts, because there is a law in the marketplace that says, “You will earn money or be paid exactly in proportion, exactly in exchange of how much value you give, and how many people know about it.”

So let’s do some fun tapping on SHINING and see how you feel!

Tapping through the points:
Even though I have been really seeing and feeling
that I have a vow to stay invisible
and it’s scary because I took this vow for a reason.
It really is costing me a lot
Money, happiness, energy, frustration
And it’s costing the world!
It’s costing others who need what I want to give, do, teach
I totally honor that I have a lot of beliefs around this.
I learned them from my family.
But the truth is, I AM unique and I am really good at what I do.
And though this still feels scary and vulnerable,
I do love bringing my gifts to the world.
I put my heart and soul into what I do,
and I really love sharing that.
I actually love the way I am;
my training, my intelligence,
my unique gifts,
that special quality that I bring to my work.
The world really does need it.
I’ve spent a lot of time downplaying it,
hiding it,
being invisible.
I’ve spent a lot of time trying to be someone else.
I’m just gonna honor that.
But I totally honor how special I am –
how much I love talking about my work.
I pour my heart and soul into it,
and I would really love to share that with more people
so many more people.
And I totally deserve to receive
YES to receive based on my giving,
based on my amazing value.
I choose to stand here and shine
with my unique brilliance,
with my heart open for all to see.
I totally honor that I am a miracle.
I am a rock star.
And I give everyone else permission to shine, too
Permission to shine fully with their light
because I choose to shine fully with my light.
As I shine my brilliance,
the whole universe responds,
and from my actions,
I will receive the exact value back in money and wealth,
in praise and support,
in everything I desire.
I step into the third level of wealth manifestation
as I start to let go of my vow to be invisible.
For my highest good
And the highest good of everyone!

And take a nice, deep breath…. WOO YAA!

Now, it’s kind of interesting to close your eyes and imagine yourself in the future in a room full of people where you are sharing who you are and what you do. How does that picture look? You do you appear, and how does everyone else respond to your “shining”?

Often people say, “Wow, I look like I’m shining; like I’m surrounded with white light. Like the people are happy, and they all feel empowered.”

OH that is the good stuff! See that? BAM!

And so try doing this tapping the next time you have to go into a situation where you’re either going to market yourself or ask for a raise, or just let people know in a wonderful, heart-centered way that you believe in the power of you – in your own value, and in the gifts that you want to share more with the world…and just watch how the world responds to you!

THAT is the power of your amazing 3rd chakra….your power center! Hope you enjoyed that and please do leave a comment for me!