I have a tendency to look at people I admire and think…it’s easy for them and they probably NEVER lose faith, get disappointed and question EVERYTHING they believe in.

So when it happens to me, I think I am the only one and it sure feels lonely on top of everything else.

So what does it mean to have faith? I am not talking about religion or your basic belief in the Divine as you see it. I mean the thing that happens daily when we encounter challenges in our money, our income or business. It can be as simple as getting ready to send your first newsletter and really worrying that no one will like it. Oh ya, it takes faith to hit the send button!

Or it can be as big as questioning your entire mission and life purpose when the money, the clients and the opportunities are not lining up.

For all of us who have ever moved in the direction (or charged in the direction) of earning an income doing what we truly love, this one can be a daily BEAR!

Sometimes I used to beat myself up for not having faith even when there was no money coming in. But, I have realized, I am human! Yes, I have a huge passion and connection to my mission, AND…I also needed to feed my daughter and pay the electricity bill!

We live in a world of both survival at the basic level (earning enough to eat and pay bills) AND spiritual wholeness and calling. So we must work at both. But here is the sticking point for me.

When I would realize there was not enough money coming in, I panicked and questioned everything…who I was, my value, my mission, the law of attraction! (Thank goodness for tapping as this could happen many times per week!)
Maybe you can relate to that! Through tapping I could come to a calmer place of faith, that things were unfolding for me and miracles were happening.

However, sitting in that pain a bit, brought a second gift, I call…

“Do or Die” Motivation! Also known as “Holy cow, I need to get my but*t in gear because I am running out of money!” motivation.

I realized that feeling that faith and trust in my big mission again was only one part.

To really HONOR my “lack of money” situation, I needed to also think right now, this week, this month. I asked myself, “What can I do THIS WEEK to create more income, to find more clients, to network more???” I had to come to the hard truth that I really could have been doing more and literally kick myself in the but*t to get out there!

Oh, yuck! That was not as fun as staying in my office and tapping and visualizing more! And…it was definitely not as much fun as learning more expertise in my field. (okay, I know you can relate!)

But the form of money called INCOME is an energy that responds to like ENERGY – action, movement, people talking to people, giving value, making offers, etc.

Now here is something I will share that is a bit embarrassing. I did not take much action, and therefore get focused and serious about creating more income, until things got dire. Like not-fun kind of dire. Like declaring to friends and family, “please don’t give me any birthday presents because I won’t be buying any of you presents this year”. Not a treasured memory for me!

But the pain of that pushed me to get out there and push through my fear of “talking to strangers” (yes, I suffer from stranger-danger!) and through all the awkwardness and unknown to market the heck out of my business more.

That is when money and law of attraction kicked into high gear. I would take action over here, and something totally unrelated would open up over there. WEIRD coincidences of timing occurred, amazing clients showed up, money appeared…and you know what else? Some of those “scary strangers” became incredibly important friends and colleagues I still treasure to this day.

You know what else happened? I had the boost in confidence you can ONLY GET FROM DOING and it got way, way easier.

So for me, coming back to faith and trust about my calling needs to always be balanced with some kicking of my own but*t into more action.

So, just in case you could also use some of that, here is my tough love and challenge for you if income is tight right now (and some tapping help!).

Really ask yourself this question, “Have I really done all that I could in the last 3 weeks to create more income?” Have you gone places you have never gone before, talked to new people, asked for referrals, tried things you have never done, offered things you have never offered? Imagine what you would have done in the last 3 weeks if you had been on a reality show like “The Apprentice” and challenged to 3X your income.

If you really are squeezed in your income, you CAN do more, you must do more. Actually you are being totally called to do more!

I believe in you and I also believe 100% that right now, out there, are 10 new chunks of business just waiting to hear from you! They are out their waiting to buy your product or service because it is exactly what they need. They are waiting for a miracle, a blessing to arrive…and you ARE that miracle to them.

Will you take a step in faith with me and go out after them? I know you can do it! You are more powerful and more important than you realize, and your gifts are needed!

And I want to hear from you on this. Over the next few weeks, come back to this article on my blog site and post your actions!

See tapping below designed to help you, too!


Tapping to kick your own but*t into high gear:
Tapping on the Karat*e chop point:

Well, here I am again, with not enough money coming it and dang, it stinks. I feel panicky, worried, and disappointed. I really thought the universe would support me better than this. I really thought people would find me and line up outside!

Here I am again trying to ignore the reality in my income and still have faith that this is my life purpose, and it’s rather hard today. There truly is NOT enough money to support me coming in and it’s really not fun or inspiring.

Well, here I am again, just like last week, doing my best to be positive but feeling a bit frozen and unsure. I don’t know how to change this, but I am open to it shifting! I need more income and I am willing to put out more energy to get it! So, I guess I am ready-ish for a new challenge!

Tapping through the points:
My income stinks right now
So according to Margaret
It’s time for some tough love
And self-but*t kicking
I CAN do more and I DO want more $$
I don’t really know what to do
But right now, I am open and asking
Show me the way, universe!
Guide me and nudge me to action
I promise I will listen and move!
I need to reach more people
I want to connect with more people
I want to share my gifts with more people
And receive more income for that
So I am open and ready for a challenge
This is GO –TIME!
With a pinky-toe more faith and courage
I can move a mountain!
So I am on it today and asking myself new questions
What can I do today?
Where can I go tomorrow?
Who can I talk to right now?
I love sharing my gifts and what I do
And I love being SEEN for my gifts and what I do
So yes, I want more of that and am READY
To do my part in making it happen
I am the sun, and I am now shining brightly
Showing and speaking my gifts and intentions
For more to see, in more places!
I don’t have all the answers,
but I will go where I am drawn, I promise!
I honor myself now because this is hard,
Different and uncomfortable
And I am doing it anyway.
Yes, to more sharing
Yes, to more business
Yes, to more income!