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I love that I can really mix it up with you in going from the deep blocks to our money and personal power, do some over the top tapping…and then push you to take some action with my “tip videos”.

I really enjoy speaking to you and love reading the comments you leave, too!

So today my gift for you is about turning the dial DOWN on that inner critic so you can stop manifesting “more ways to prove yourself” and instead start receiving more rewards…because YES, the 2 things are shockingly connected.

The big downside to the inner critic is that it keeps us always striving to EARN our deserving. As a matter of fact, it’s like a constant voice saying to the universe, “I don’t deserve YET, because I have not perfected it yet”.

This is a huge block to allowing and receiving more “reward” in life, whether in terms of money, or position or in getting the recognition (or love) you deserve.

But here’s the tricky part. The Inner Critic is a part of your very smart and brilliant mind and it has lots and lots of evidence for everything it tells you.

Very much like a computer or robot, it does not understand love, passion or JOY of receiving rewards and reveling in them. It only understands protecting you and facts from the past.

So first, we don’t usually question our Inner Critic because, well, we think it’s right! And secondly, it is never, NEVER, ever going to lead us to enjoying rewards NOW. It will always keep us in striving mode! YUCK.

So the tapping below is to help you shift from your Inner Critic to honoring how much fun it is to just be awesome and RECEIVE the reward we sooooo deserve for that awesome-ness NOW (not later!) Boy, do we go from a negative vibe to a super positive place in a few minutes!

To get started, think about something you have done in the recent past where you could say, “Well, I could have or should have done it better”….and let’s start tapping!

Tapping through your favorite points:

There I am…jeez, I could have done it better!
I can always do it better,
I should have prepared more
I should have known more
In the world of infinite possibility
There is always a way to improve
Even though it went really well
Some people thought it was awesome
I really could have done it better
Much better, so much better
I have not done enough yet!
Blah blah blah, more, more, more!
I would love to deserve now,
But I am not there yet
Cause I am not perfect yet
And I am right about that
Perfection does exist and I have not gotten there yet
So of course I don’t deserve YET!
Maybe someday in the future when I get it perfect, but not yet!
Ugh! I honor my Inner Critic
And all the ways this robot in my head
Thinks it is right, and that “perfection” exists
It is always on, always reminding me “could have been better!”
And it never lets me arrive or feel deserving!

Okay does it feel like I am reading your mind? Take a deep breathe! Now let’s bring in some perspective and lightness.

Tapping again:

I honor my inner critic and all the ways it has pushed me
I have accomplished a lot due to this voice
And I really do enjoy achieving and doing AWESOME
And I really always will
It’s fun being awesome!
It’s fun being smart and brilliant and having people see that!
And I am not perfect, never will be, but I am definitely AWESOME
Awesome is so much more fun than perfect!
It’s funner…and that is not a real word ha ha
My inner critic is now pointing that out!
Oh well, loosen up! Perfection is boring!
Being awesome and doing my best and achieving is fun
When I take away the need to prove and be perfect
I get the FUN of being awesome!
And in this present moment, I am awesome and doing my best
There is nothing more I need to do to prove or earn it
I deserve right now
I deserve right now
Yup, I deserve right now, even before I do another thing
I deserve more money
I deserve recognition for my gifts
I deserve to be loved and adored and get lots of hugs
I deserve cause I am awesome…awesomely me!
I deserve right now because I was born deserving
And so I am opening the floodgates
To all the abundant rewards I have been holding off receiving
While I waited until I proved myself more
I am opening the floodgates now to all I deserve
And I will practice saying YES and THANK YOU
To every bit that comes my way….YES, THANK YOU!
Yes, I like that, THANK YOU, I will receive that, YES!