This note today is only for you if you are an expert and looking to grow your clients and income….AND the idea of being the coolest person in the room appeals to you.

I have to admit, it kind of appeals to me and when you are truly REALLY good at something – an expert – part of your inner “wiring” will love the idea of everyone seeing you for how awesome (and cool) you really are!

So I have created a video for you with a cool way of not only getting more clients and therefore MORE CASH-flow, but will also set you up to be the coolest, smartest, and most generous person around!

Sounds good right? Check it out, I explain it all in my short video below.

The great thing is that this gives you a way to get more clients without going directly after them. This approach will be fun for you, collaborative and win-win, win-win, win-win with a whole bunch of other people.

IT comes down to this. I want you to make a decision that you are going to start a mastermind group and that you are going to go around to local people in your community (or people online if that’s how your business works) that are other business people, leaders and visionaries like you and invite them to be part of your mastermind.

Here’s what you are going to say the benefits are:
In this mastermind, we are going to share best practices, share challenges we have in our business and then collaborate to give each other resources, support and ideas to help move the needle, move all of our businesses forward.

People are going to love the sound of that – networking, masterminding, with like-minded people who really want to move their business forward. Who won’t? (Well I suppose people who are not really interested in moving the needle in their business…and that is okay!)

Now, why should you do that in particular as a coach or expert regardless of your area of expertise?

Because when you are at this mastermind meeting, you are there as a facilitator! Everyone there will be feeling appreciative towards you and thinking, “it’s so great that she is doing this…what a great idea!” That’s a really good vibe for you!

Also, as people go around and share their biggest challenges, who has more strategies than you?

Seriously…who has more strategies than you?

You have marketing strategies – if you are watching this video is means you are interested and MUST know some! You probably also have inner strategies and goal strategies, regardless of the type of coach or expert you are.

I will bet a million dollars you have strategies you have tried, used and/or teach that could benefit others.

So, as people go around and share their challenges, who’s going to have more to say that is fabulous and amazing and giving…. and sounds like rocket science than you?

Nobody! So you are going to not only be incredibly helpful and super cool because you are so generous, but you are going to let yourself shine as a coach in front of a room full of people.

A room full of people who
a) might become your clients,
b) are very likely to refer people to you and
c) are going to walk around thinking you’re the coolest person on the planet and probably tell others!

And you know what’s good about that?

It’s fun! It’s fun to feel like the coolest person on the planet because you are so generous with helping others. And you should be helping others as a coach, because that’s what coaches are and that’s what coaches do.

So, my million dollar strategy for you today is go out and start a mastermind group. Don’t be afraid, just do it.

Imagine this…some of your new best friends are waiting for you there! Waiting for you are amazing people who will LOVE you and support you and impact your life and business in amazing ways…and you haven’t even met them yet. Oh it happens!