Ignite Your SuperPowers

Chakra Powered Tapping Community

Ignite Your SuperPowers is a vibrant, one-of-a-kind community of like minded people who come together every week to unblock and unleash their innate SuperPowers to live a more EMPOWERED and PURPOSE-DRIVEN life.

Through Margaret’s expert coaching and groundbreaking “Chakra Powered Tapping”, you’ll experience POWERFUL SHIFTS as you learn to move old, stagnant energy – and release your inner power & passion to create the life you TRULY DESIRE.

It’s all about YOU...

… and unleashing YOUR unique SuperPowers!

The Ignite Your SuperPowers community is a place for YOU to focus on yourself – and do the deep work that allows you to clear your blocks – and tap into the innate power that lies within you.

Every week, you’ll experience a SHIFT from feeling “stuck”, frustrated, and weighed down by the past – to feeling POWERFUL, INSPIRED, HAPPY, and FREE…

… free to use your power and passion to create miracles in your life, in your family, in your community, and for the people you serve. 

This is the unique power and promise of unblocking your Chakra Empowerment Energy through Margaret’s groundbreaking technique of “Chakra Powered Tapping”.

There’s nowhere else on the planet that you can access this unique, highly-effective, “Chakra Supercharged” version of tapping – and when you join Ignite Your SuperPowers, you’ll become part of the only community that’s offering this powerful, life changing work.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join…

The Ignite Your SuperPowers community…

IYS is an advanced community that’s here to love, understand, and support you! It’s a place where you can safely practice being seen, asking for help, celebrating, and getting accountability to help you get into action!


You’ve spent years “proving” yourself through your knowledge, skills, kindness, generosity, and hard work… but it still feels like something is missing. You find yourself wanting MORE… to DO more, BE more, MATTER more… and HAVE more of what you truly want. NOW is the time for you to discover and embody your unique SuperPowers and start the NEXT CHAPTER of your life with joy, passion, and bold action.

Now is the time to be “ALL IN” ON YOU… your power, your happiness, your desires… and making it YOUR time to shine. No more compromising. No more taking second chair. No more being seen and hardly heard while someone else takes the spotlight. No more feeling stuck with a million reasons why you can’t change your life right now. 

It’s time to stop playing a “supportive role” – and start doing the inner work that ignites your SuperPowers. It’s time to really see what you’re made of… to find out what you want and how badly you want it… and to let that beautiful, authentic, passionate, and charismatic energy radiate into everything you create!

Are You Ready to Discover YOUR SuperPowers?...

Before you learn how to uncover your blocks and unleash your inner SuperPowers, you first have to UNLEARN much of what you’ve been taught. The fact is, most of us have been conditioned to think, act, and communicate in ways that actually stifle our inner power – and BLOCK our lower chakras. 

In short, we’ve been taught to “play small”… to be “nice”… to be “grateful for what we’ve got” – and not be too “selfish” in our desires. It’s no wonder that after years of giving, working, and playing “nice”, so many of us feel “stuck” and unsatisfied. 

In the Ignite Your SuperPowers community, you’ll unlearn the “rules” that have kept your power “blocked” in the lower chakras (which, by the way, is why many people “fail” in their personal growth efforts – and why UNBLOCKING them can lead to such massive, life-changing results)!

This goes far beyond 'mindset'...

If mindset were the problem, you would have fixed it by now. Too many personal growth teachings completely miss the critical role the chakras play in our life – especially when it comes to manifesting our desires. 

Ignite Your SuperPowers is NOT about “thinking positively”… it’s DEEP WORK that gives you the power and energy to make REAL, LASTING CHANGES in your life – so you can BE, FEEL, and HAVE what you truly want.

NOW IS THE TIME to find out what you’re really made of… and what kind of impact you can have on your own life – and the lives of others. Now is the time to get irritated about how the world around you has tried to keep you small – and to finally UNLEASH, EMBODY, and OWN your true power!

Are you ready to be 'all in'?

You have a SuperPower… and somewhere inside you, you KNOW that it’s there. So are you ready to UNLEASH IT?…

The Ignite Your SuperPowers Community is a diverse group of people who have one thing in common: They are ALL IN… All in when it comes to owning their power and living their passion… All in on doing the deeper inner work – unblocking and clearing away old paradigms – and the many ways we keep ourselves “stuck” and “playing small”.  

They’re ALL IN on tapping into their deeper source of power – and living into them RIGHT NOW (because we’ve waited long enough!)…

And they’re ALL IN when it comes to living their passions, making an impact, and changing the lives of others with their gifts and talents – from family and friends – to clients and communities.  

If you’re ready to let go of the blocks that keep you self-sabotaging and playing small, then JOIN US – and transform yourself from a “supporting character” to the Super Hero you know you’re meant to be.



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