How to Master Your SuperHero Energies to
Become a More Powerful & Profitable Coach

Wednesday, September 28, 12pm ET

Join bestselling author and renowned coach trainer, Margaret Lynch Raniere for this HIGH-ENERGY LIVESTREAM designed to help you GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and MAKE A QUANTUM LEAP in your coaching career. 

You’ll discover the secrets behind WHO YOU ARE as a coach, learn how to leverage YOUR unique SuperHero ENERGIES, be guided through a powerful TAPPING EXPERIENCE, and find out which 3 CHAKRAS will drive your success (or failure) as a coach… 

On this FREE, Content-Packed Livestream, Margaret will:

3 REASONS why YOU Should Attend This Livestream… (IF):

1. If you already know that part of your problem is “getting in your own way” (e.g. if you struggle with self-doubt, self-sabotage, or thinking small) – and you secretly want to GO BIGGER

2. If you want to understand yourself better and learn how to embody your SuperHero Energies to empower yourself as a coach – and avoid the pitfalls that will keep you stuck in your life and business…

3. If you want the power to manifest miraclesinstead of mishaps and missed opportunities. You’re ALWAYS manifesting… but until you clear these blocks, you won’t have the right energy to attract magic & miracles to support you!…

THE BIG SECRET that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT is that WHO YOU ARE BEING and HOW YOU SHOW UP is the unspoken reason behind why most coaches either continually struggle or consistently succeed.

Rather than continuing to prove yourself “right” that you can’t succeed as a coach, you can learn how to access the chakras you draw your power from and tap into your unique SuperPowers. When you lean into these energies, miracles start to appear – and the timeline literally shifts to support you.

When you remember who you are at the deepest core level, everything begins to change… you become bigger than your obstacles and you have more energy, guidance, and courage to succeed.

WHEN YOU’RE IN THIS ENERGY AS A COACH… Your clients will literally tell you: “YOU CHANGED MY LIFE!”.


This is the work we won’t have time to do at the Live Immersion, and it’s ESSENTIAL to help you prepare and get the most out of it. The event is simply TOO POTENT & POWERFUL for you to attend in a “defensive state” – and be stuck in the kind of “small thinking” that will keep you from taking action.

During the Livestream, we’ll be dissolving your old chains so that you can come to the event with the right energy to set your goals, dreams, and strategies from a more embodied, SUPER POWERFUL STATE!!!

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