This is an amazing release, as I now realize I’d been holding myself back and was self-sabotaging over the 1st Chakra (money & loyalty) issue all the way back to events 15 years ago. I’ve self-sabotaged thereafter in career & finances and health & home. Now I understand and see a way out, leaving all this “old story” and its “sequels” behind, with a fresh start here and now. May G-d Bless, Margaret!


Dear Margaret:
You truly are a spiritual healer, giving us your experience and wisdom like this. I can’t thank you enough for giving me EFT. Nothing has even remotely loosened the constant fear and anxiety that I’ve suffered for close to 10 years, and a lesser grade of that for much of my life. By tapping, I’ve come to awareness’s and healing of ideas and feelings I didn’t realize I had.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may you and Rhys continue this very important work that you do!


Hi Margaret, thank you for what you give so generously and gracefully. I have a bit of a hard time relating to some of the scripts because I come from a wealthy childhood with lots of “material love”, but little acknowledgment and approval for my being. I think my resistance to having a lot of money is rooted in the vow that to be loving, you can’t be wealthy. So I use your examples to re-write my scripts, which is working out great!
I am hoping to self-acknowledge my value and step into my true purpose in life, finding the courage to becoming a healer and give to the world.
Thank you for everything!


Thanks very much! I’m surprised and goose-pimpled at the ‘Aha’ moment this heart chakra tapping brought me right now. I’ve always thought that giving and giving service to the community, to other people is the justification for my existence, that how dare I aspire to be wealthy and abundant when there are so many people who are impoverished. Now I’m thinking, where did that come from? When I’m having feelings of insecurity and worthlessness, I used to tell myself that for whatever it is worth, I’ve served. Now, after this tapping exercise, these words came to my mind in bold, capital letters — ” I SERVED. I DESERVE.”
Thank God for you and God Bless!


Wow! I went through 3 rounds of the tapping and FINALLY something shifted!! An event I hadn’t forgiven myself for nor released myself from was instant resolved–so much so that the other party involved contacted me directly after I had finished and was sitting peacefully in happyland…….. THANK YOU MARGARET!


WoW! WoW! Thank you so very much Margaret for such an awesome program. The effects of following the exercises with you are having such an amazing shift. I need to continue to do the exercises in order to really clear all the stuff that came up. I would love to be able to purchase this possible? If so where can I get it?
Thank you again….for setting me on the road to freedom!


Thank you very much for the “awesome” video and powerful work!
You are a wonderful teacher and healer…


This was so life changing! You are an angel to share this for free. I feel so much lighter and more open to receive. This along can change my future! I am so thankful!!! The freedom from holding yourself hostage and a prisoner, what a joyful feeling to have went through this. I think I’m gonna want to see this again sometime. I feel SOOOOOOOO much better! Blessings, Love & Light




The biggest release so far! I am a Trauma Resolution Specialist and have 100% success with the people I work with. The biggest problem I have had is working at the core of my own trauma and this session was by far the biggest release I have experienced in over a year. I have done a lot of work on myself and released a lot of trauma yet know that everyone needs someone to guide them. Thanks for being there for me. I do believe that this has opened a new door to bringing me to a new level. “THANK YOU!”