you're captain marvel - the defender of the cosmos

Possessing almost enough energy to rocket into outer space, this woman is always on a mission. With a heart full of “mama bear energy,” she’s the most fearless of superheroes and her passion for freedom fuels her. Swiftly seeing any injustices, she advocates for those who suffer and for others to own their power and “be set free” as she has done. If she loses or fails, she gets up again. And again. Over and over. She never quits. If she needs to strive for perfection to win, she’ll do it. Or she’ll switch gears and dive in with a passionate but messy “let’s try this” energy because it’s all about the big win and doing something huge, something larger than life. At her best, she strives for a win-win. She is both strong and vulnerable in a way that inspires others. Her indomitable spirit gives others hope–she’s the one people seek out to right a wrong.

She’s famous for saying, “All this time, I have been fighting with one hand tied behind my back. What happens if I’m set free?”

Her Achilles heel – Failure or losing isn’t an option. Her willingness to battle is also her weakness. When she becomes overwhelmed or feels like she “just can’t win,” a battle arises in her, usually directed at herself. Her self-attacks are personal to the core. She must be the hero, and if not, she must be broken. She can’t see any middle ground. It’s all or nothing. Her energy sinks into stifling, simmering anger at herself, the world and God (or the universe). She becomes depressed and stuck. She uses her battle energy to resist encouragement, structure, authority, even help and support. When striving for a dream goal, unable to tolerate the thought of failing, she might give up, procrastinate or self-sabotage. Her mantras include: If I’m losing, I must be a loser. If I fail or lose, I’m weak. Weakness is unforgivable. If there’s a possibility of failure, I’m not going there.” She’s excellent at taking herself down before someone else does.

Other Leader archetypes in this energy – durga, black widow, Angelina Jolie, Serena Williams, Mulan, Katnis Everdeen, Onna-Bugeisha, frieda Kahlo, oprah winfrey