you're wanda - the scarlet witch of magic

Possessing enough heart to heal the world, this woman is as strong as a lion and as soft as a lamb. The most loving of superheroes, she’s fearless when it comes to feeling it all. She delves into the emotional depths where other superheroes dare not go. Her losses in life have made her heart deeper and broader than an ocean. Those wounds can make others bitter, but not this woman—they’ve seeded her raw healing ability to love everyone, to love the world into wholeness. She will love until her heart shatters and then do it all over again. It’s magical how connected she is to animals. Her caring nature manifests love into reality and gives others the courage to feel—she’s the one people seek out for pure no-holds-barred unconditional love and acceptance.

Her Achilles heel – Believing her superpower is a weakness. Because her ability to feel deeply is something others can’t do, she’s been told her whole life: “Don’t be so sensitive. Don’t be so emotional.” So she doubts her magic. She strives to be more rigid, disciplined, and strong in her attempt to curb her emotional world. It takes a lot of energy to hold down ocean-high waves of feeling. And when she tries, she gets painful bursts of sadness, becomes exhausted and feels more lonely and isolated in a world that does not value and understand her–because she doesn’t value and understand herself. And when striving for a dream goal, she tries to “act normal” and accomplish things the way others do, but this will never work for her. She gets stuck, not realizing she’s stuck because she’s trying to resist feeling too much. Her mantras include: “What’s wrong with me? I’m too sensitive. I’m too emotional. No one understands me.” And she has no idea about the real reason why she feels so stuck and overwhelmed.

Other archetypes in this energy – aphrodite, quan yin, gaia, Michelle Obama, maya angelou, mary oliver, “wounded healer” archetype