Rockstars On A Mission

Create a wealthy life of meaning and impact.

Do you want to make a difference on a truly massive level?
Do you want a career that will sustain you financially for the long term?

If so, it’s time to stop playing small, and become a Rockstar On A Mission.

Rockstars (No, we’re not talking about the strung out musicians, but those who are truly rocking it in their own lives) are the ones who have a big vision and take equally big action to bring that vision to life and share it with as many people as possible. They tackle their inner demons, and do the hard inner work it takes to elevate themselves and those around them.

Rockstars get noticed by others. And they get paid for their status.

Sound good to you?

Our Rockstars On A Mission program was created for the transformational
entrepreneur who wants to rapidly build a business or career that is both
spiritually AND financially rewarding.

It’s a mixture of world class personal development combined with cutting edge business building education.

You’ll learn how to:

• Liberate yourself from the programming that has held you back
• Activate your extraordinary internal power that has been locked inside of you
• Apply Cutting Edge Marketing strategies to explode your visibility, impact and income.

This year long program combines

• 1-on-1 coaching with Group training and mentoring support
• Inner Transformation:  to stand more fully in your Power, Presence and Brilliance – Cutting edge transformational teachings in Shadow work, Chakras and Rhys Method Profiles.
• Outer Transformation:  to Explode Your Impact, Visibility and Income – World Class Marketing Training in Messaging, Branding, Selling and Video Marketing.
• Creating your customer and fan base through written and video “content conversations”
• Challenges – To push your comfort zone and insure your completion dates
• Total Support, Guidance and Mentoring – Make Consistent progress through the highs and lows of a big mission.
•  Live and Virtual Retreats
• VIP Access to Margaret’s live events and programs

Why do we focus so much on the personal side of your business?
Because your business is personal!


The reality is that what stops most entrepreneurs from creating success is not lack of hard work. It’s their programming. Generational money vows and limiting beliefs often stand in our way on an unconscious level. These vows cloud our power, energy, charisma, and wealth manifestation.

Clearing this programming creates a huge shift in your personal power and vision in a very short amount of time.

It’s then and only then, that you can begin to work on the outer part of your business: Your Marketing, Your Message, and Your Business Platform.

Learn to speak the message of You.

Many business programs focus only on strategies and best practices, but the beauty of the Rockstars On A Mission program is how it helps you to get perfectly aligned with who you want to be, and then gives you the specific business foundational support to build a business in your own image.

Are you ready to become a rockstar?

The Rock Stars on a Mission program opens up only once a year at our Ignite
Your Power Event in March and runs for a full year . We are now
interviewing candidates for our March 2021 program. For more information
please send an email to Bethaney Long, Director of Coaching Programs,

Download the Brochure: Front and Back

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