Thanks again for attending Margaret’s free Tapping Session! As promised, we’re including the complimentary Tapping Script that goes along with last week’s session.

Because there was so much interest in the IYPTC Membership Community, Margaret has decided to extend a LIMITED TIME offer to join IYP for a FULL YEAR for almost 50% off!

If you’re interested, now is the time to join and get access to 3 LIVE Sessions per month, the last 90 days of replays, membership in our Private Facebook Group, and more!

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Ignite Your Power


I created the Ignite Your Power Transformational Community to bring together like-minded people who are ready to STEP UP, get EMPOWERED, and start LIVING LIFE ON THEIR OWN TERMS

I believe that investing in your own well-being and personal growth is a MUST if you want to have a happy, successful, and fulfilling life. I also know that you’re more likely to stay MOTIVATED and CONSISTENT with your goals when you have the support of expert guides and a supportive, like-minded community to keep you focused on your path.

Is the IYP community right for you?

If you’re the type of person who “gets” the importance of doing inner work, wants to live a life full of meaning and purpose, and values having knowledgeable guides and a vibrant community to support your personal growth and transformation, then you might be a perfect fit for our IYP community…

…and, if you’re interested in using the powerful methods you’ll learn in order to help others, you’ll also get a taste of my proven scripts, exercises, and expert instruction to make the most of your sessions. While these are especially useful for coaches, therapists, and other practitioners, they’re also great for helping the people close to you – like friends and family – to move through struggles and achieve their goals.

What do I get access to when I join?

When you join IYP, you’ll get access to some of my most powerful content… an active and supportive community… AND:

What happens on the Live Empowerment Calls?

Every week, you’ll be invited to an exclusive LIVE CALL with me and/or one of my expert team members. This is where we do the deep work together. Each month, our calls will focus on a new theme – or “targeted transformation”–  where you’ll learn how to transform perceived “challenges” into actionable “superpowers”.

What do I get access to in the IYP COMMUNITY PORTAL?

Each month, you’ll get access to a curated selection of videos and other content to help you go deeper on the current month’s “targeted transformation”. This will include things like: how to deal with procrastination, anxiety, and overwhelm… and how to feel more joy, attract more wealth, and experience more pleasure! 

The portal will be your go-to place to find the live call replays, monthly calendar, links to join the upcoming calls, and access any surprise bonus content and resources that we’ll occasionally gift to the group!

The content in the portal will be available for a 3 full months, so you have plenty of time to access previous content and enjoy it at your own pace. We want you to stay engaged as much as possible – because we know that when you do the work – you get the results!

What do I get access to in the PRIVATE Facebook Group?

The Private Facebook Group is the core of our IYP community… it’s a place to support each other, ask questions, and get news on the latest calls, content, and events happening in the IYP group and in Margaret’s larger community.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find like-minded people who value this kind of deep work – which is exactly why I created IYP. This is YOUR SPACE to be loved and supported while you do your inner work and start taking bigger and bolder steps toward your dreams!

So… are you ready to start living life on your own terms?...

Do you want to learn how to finally uncover your blocks and UNLEASH your inner power?… 

Are you ready to join a powerful, loving, and supportive community of like-minded people?…

… if you said yes – than JOIN US as a member of this amazing community of people who truly value personal growth and transformation. Whether you want to give this as a gift to yourself – or you want to learn new skills to help you transform the lives of others – NOW IS THE TIME to join us…

FOR A LIMITED TIME, we’re offering FULL ACCESS to the Ignite Your Power Transformational Community LIVE CALLS, PORTAL, and PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for $297 for an ENTIRE YEAR (That’s a HUGE savings of almost 50% off)! 

Or, you can try it out for just $1 for a full month, and if you love it after 30 days, you can continue at $47/mo. You can cancel at any time from within your membership portal.

We’ve just re-designed the entire portal – and we’ll continue to add new content EVERY WEEK throughout the year.

Also, when you sign up now, I will LOCK IN YOUR PRICE for as long as you remain a paying member (even if the price goes up for everyone else!). This applies for both the monthly and annual memberships. 


Just chose your plan below and we’ll give you INSTANT ACCESS to the IYP PORTAL. Inside you’ll find all your welcome content including a link to join the Private Facebook Group and the calendar with all the dates for the upcoming LIVE CALLS. 

Can’t wait to see you there!

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