Shifting What is in your “Earliest Money Paradigm”?

Welcome back to the Tapping Video Mini-Course – Click Play below for Video 2:


Welcome to Video 2 in your complimentary mini course “Clearing Your Inner Blocks To Money”!

I am thrilled to be your guide in applying proving mind/body tools like EFT/Tapping and the chakra energies in a laser-focused way on money and wealth.

In the last video you saw what happens – meaning what you feel – when you tune into your income!

In this video I will show you where those feelings come from…and I think you will find it surprising!

I have done this exercise with thousands of people from all over the globe in the past decade and I have found that whatever you FEEL when you tune into your income (or your bills or debt) was already there first!

Yes, you became an adult already “wired” to react and feel certain ways about money, the bills, debt, income and what is possible for you!

Shockingly, this is where it starts and from this automatic wiring or programming, we have created every aspect of our money to match those feelings!

Sound too crazy? Walk through this exercise with me and find out as you see “your earliest money paradigm”.

And hear how this relates to your 1st chakra energy that causes us to unconsciously create our money to match, or stay loyal to, our parents’ experience of money.

Then, of course, tap with me in a unique way to uncover and clear this conflicted programming!

Now, this can be very emotional for some people depending on what they see in their family paradigm and if so, just keep tapping!

Tapping works! And as you tap, your emotions will get calmer and that means you have the opportunity to make a conscious POSITIVE choice for what you truly WANT to create.

And that is what I want for you…the freedom to create a wealthy life of meaning and impact!

Watch your inbox for the next video as we uncover the biggest thing that stops very smart people from making more money!


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