What stops smart people from making more money”!

Welcome to Video 3 in your complimentary mini course “Clearing Your Inner Blocks To Money”!

I am thrilled to be your guide in applying proving mind/body tools like EFT/Tapping and the chakra energies in a laser-focused way on money and wealth.

In the last video you saw where your automatic nervous system and emotional money wiring comes from and jumped into tapping to start breaking free your parents’ paradigm.

In this video I reveal something HUGE that stops even smart, successful people from earning what want and deserve!

I love doing this exercise with people who love to achieve, have big dreams and a real passion because it puts a laser focus on why they are not taking action!
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Walk through this goal focused exercise with me and see what comes up for you in terms of “inner resistance” when it comes to taking action.

And…how is that inner resistance related to a common, creeping thought, “what if I fail?”

Then, let me guide you through some tapping that is powerful…because it is so honest!

YES, tapping and saying words that can sound very negative but VOICE a real but secret worry allows a HUGE release of this energy and resistance!

This is not reinforcing negative thoughts and feelings!

Tapping is a RELEASE technique and it works best when we allow sides of ourselves that have negative, scary or skeptical thoughts…and anxious feelings… to be heard!

And not for nothing but…it feels good to finally say things out loud that we have trying to avoid….and then feel a shift into a lighter, more authentically positive mindset and vibe!

And what a shift it is! It is HUGE when we can actually reframe how we think and feel about failure AND charge our energy up to get into action!


Watch your inbox for the next and final video…where I will show you how to become an amazing “receiving machine” when it comes to all forms of wealth!


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