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If you want to find out exactly where you’re blocked, you’ll love Margaret’s customized Chakra Assessments. You’ll answer questions designed to uncover what’s blocking youwhile Margaret explains the significance your responses. You’ll get access to four Chakra assessment to help you pinpoint exactly where your lower chakras are blocked – and what to do about it.

your first chakra assessment: The Root Chakra

The root chakra represents SAFETY and SECURITY, the “sacred energy of presence and manifestation”, the consciousness of your physical body, and all the physical things in your life.

When this chakra is blocked, it’s difficult to stand up for yourself, “own your power”, and ask for what you really want.

When it’s cleared, you feel more balanced, grounded, and present for others… as well as clear, focused, and inspired to take action.

your second chakra assessment: The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra represents CREATIVITY and the “sacred energy of receiving”. It’s your primary source of “Empowerment Energy”.

When this chakra is blocked, it’s difficult to overcome your doubt and the fear of the unknown to achieve something greater in your life.

When it’s cleared, it gives you the power, courage, and certainty to set boundaries, take risks, right wrongs, push through doubt, and receive freely.

your third chakra assessment: The Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra represents SELF-ESTEEM and WILLPOWER and the “sacred energy of empowered action”… it provides the fuel you need to make things happen in the world.

When this chakra is blocked, you’re more likely to sabotage yourself, feel afraid, guilty, or selfish… and avoid taking action.

When it’s cleared, you feel confident, enthusiastic, and empowered to take bold, inspired action toward your dreams.

your fourth chakra assessment: The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra represents the “sacred energy of pure deserving” – and the wisdom to know and understand yourself and others with love, patience and compassion.

When this chakra is blocked, you tend to be too hard on yourself. You may feel like you’re flawed or undeserving of love.

When it’s cleared, you feel your heart has expanded and you’re able to see the beauty in yourself, others, and all of creation.

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