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How to Unleash the Four SuperHero Energies to Supercharge Yourself & Your Passion

Monday, April 18, 3:00pm ET: Chakra 1
Monday, April 25, 3:00pm ET: Chakra 2
Monday, May 2, 3:00pm ET: Chakra 3
Thursday, may 5, 11:00am ET: Chakra 4  

Join Margaret Lynch Ranierebestselling author of UNBLOCKED & Tapping Into Wealth – for this SUPERCHARGED TAPPING SERIES designed to help you GET YOU OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and MAKE A QUANTUM LEAP in your life and business.

You’ll learn how to leverage YOUR unique SuperHero ENERGIES, be guided through powerful TAPPING EXPERIENCES, and find out how your LOWER CHAKRAS can either help or hinder your success.


THE BIG SECRET that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT is that WHO YOU ARE BEING and HOW YOU SHOW UP is the unspoken reason behind why we  either continually struggle or consistently succeed.

We must break free of the old paradigm of who we’re “supposed to be”, who we’re “allowed to be”, and how hard we have to work to continually “PROVE” ourselves… 
(… because this model leads to a lifetime of exhaustion and little reward.)

Instead, I’m going to show you the path to tap into your unique SuperPowers and access your true self – so you can  finally move through the world with a sense of joy, passion, and expansion that will fuel you & your dreams! 

This is the OPPOSITE of mindset work… (if mindset was your problem, it would have been fixed by now)…

When you remember who you are at the deepest core level, everything begins to change… you become bigger than your obstacles… you have more energy, guidance, and courage to succeed… miracles start to appear – and the timeline literally shifts to support you.

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Chakra Powered Tapping

Margaret has gained wide acclaim for her unique “Chakra Powered Tapping” approach through her bestselling books, coaching, training programs, and regular appearances on the Tapping World Summit and other highly regarded platforms.

In this LIVE SERIES, Margaret is bringing some of her most powerful tapping to you completely FREE (for a limited time) to celebrate the paperback release of her latest book, UNBLOCKED.

Unlike “Mindset Work”, Margaret’s unique approach focuses on a holistic, long-lasting approach to inner work by tapping into the innate powers of your Chakras – so you can FEEL, BE, and ACT from a place of energy, passion, boldness, charisma, and bad-assery! 

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3 REASONS why YOU Should Attend This Livestream… (IF):

1. If you already know that part of your problem is “getting in your own way” (e.g. if you struggle with self-doubt, self-sabotage, or thinking small) – and you secretly want to GO BIGGER

2. If you want to know your “true self” and embody your SuperHero Energies to empower yourself as a woman, coach, healer, guide, or liberator – and avoid the pitfalls that will keep you stuck in your life and business…

3. If you want the power to manifest miraclesinstead of manifesting more opportunities to “prove yourself again”. You’re ALWAYS manifesting… but until you clear these blocks, you won’t have the right energy to attract magic & miracles to support you!…



Powerful Exercises to Discover YOUR Unique Chakra Blocks

(and start clearing them within minutes!)…

As a special bonus for signing up for the series, you’ll get immediate access to Margaret’s popular “Chakra Assessments”.

These are designed to help you quickly uncover where you’re blocked and how those blocks can affect your everyday life, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Each assessment includes a downloadable assessment and a video where Margaret walks you through your results and a revealing process that will prepare you to get the most out of the Unblock Your SuperPowers Series.

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