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If you are not familiar with tapping, watch this video first, then the one below.


Shifting “Your Immediate Vibe about Money”


Welcome to Video 1 in your complimentary mini course “Clearing Your Inner Blocks To Money”!

I am thrilled to be your guide in applying proving mind/body tools like EFT/Tapping and the chakra energies in a laser-focused way on money and wealth.

The thing is, millions of people lose sleep every night worrying about money, particularly those of us who did not come from a long line of generational wealth. But middle-class, religious and spiritually leaning people are the least likely to talk about it and feel guilty focusing on money in a positive and would rather use softer terms like “abundance”.

I have spent over a decade passionate about breaking through this resistance and helping people all over the world allow their blocks to ACTUAL MONEY to bring them a powerful level of inner healing that dramatically changes how they earn, create, manage and RECEIVE money!

So in this first video of the mini course, I want you to experience “Your Immediate Vibe about Money” because for many people, it is working AGAINST them instead of for them!

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But don’t worry, if you this fast exercise reveals your vibe is off…I will walk you through how to shift it really REALLY quickly right in this video!

So follow along with the video as I as you to write down how much you are earning right now…

BTW, if you are creating a new career that you love “on the side”, focus only the income you want to expand.

How are you feeling about it?

Now, please write down the top 3 emotions that you are feeling.

And to get more clarity…is there a small voice in your head saying, “Ugh, it’s not enough!”

If so, join thousands of people across the globe and know this is important!

So, let’s delve a bit deeper!

If you were to say out loud, “it’s not enough” how does THAT feel? Does it turn up the icky emotions?

AHA moment: your income is the largest flow of money into your life. For most people, and maybe for you, it triggers a negative emotion and lots of negative thoughts! This is a conflict!

Whether you are a big believer in the law of attraction or not, feeling BAD about ourselves and anxious, worried and fearful just from thinking about our income for a minute is not a good vibe!

The good news is we can voice, honor, release this emotional state so that it shifts drastically using clinically proven Tapping!

Follow along with me as we use a powerful mind/body technique called Tapping to release the negative feelings and thoughts so you can move from a negative vibe to a more positive vibe!

And notice how different you feel just from 1 round of tapping! If you have not shifted much, just rewind the video and tap through that exact part again!

Tapping is proven to turn off the “fight or flight” response and allow a mind/body SHIFT into a calmer, more resourceful place. (When we are calmer we are WAY more likely to have insights, inspirations, bold ideas AND talk action on them with an open, hopeful energy)

But let’s keep going because I want to bring you through a second round of tapping to enhance the shift by tapping in a positive way! Bruce Lipton, PhD., author of “Biology of Belief” says that when you Tap saying positive words you can “supercharge the affirmation”!

Imagine what can change…when you change!

Think about what would be different if you were happy to proactively look at your income and declare, “I am totally open to earning more and ALL the ways I can earn more!”

This is an open-and-receptive to ideas and action vibe!

Better? YES WAY BETTER vibe about money!

Join me on the next video – in your inbox tomorrow – as I want to show you where this automatic reaction to money REALLY came from…and it’s not what you think!


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