Become a “Receiving Machine” by Clearing Blocks to Deserving!

Subject: Mini Course Video #4 Become a “Receiving Machine” by clearing blocks to deserving!

Hi Name

Welcome to Video 4 in your complimentary mini course “Clearing Your Inner Blocks To Money”!

I am thrilled to be your guide in applying proving mind/body tools like EFT/Tapping and the chakra energies in a laser-focused way on money and wealth.

In the last video, I gave a laser focused way to shift your vibe OUT OF inner resistance (aka procrastination) to taking action on your goals.

In this video I reveal how even successful people have hidden deserving issues that cause them to work hard and still not earn well.

And it has to do with your 2nd chakra!

Here is the link for the 4th video in the video course …

Experience this “charging your worth confidently” exercise with me and see what comes up for you as a reaction- both in your thoughts and your nervous system!

WOW, do you see how hard it is to stand confidently and declare our worth and deserving? If you are like most, there was someone in that audience that made you feel anxious, guilty or ashamed.

Then, let me guide you through some fast tapping that is powerful…because it will turn down the fear and allow you to be more present, ready and REAL as you imagine declaring your value.

The truth is when you honor your value, your gifts, your heart, your intention and your deserving…you give everyone else permission to do the same!

If you can shift this 1 piece, your ability to lovingly and authentically charge your worth

Because in my heart of hearts, I want you to know that YOU MATTER!

Your money matters, your mission matters and your deep inner feeling about your own deserving matters!

It matters to me!

I know what it is like to spend much of your adult life working hard, proving yourself but inside struggle with crushing self-doubt. Yup, I struggled for many years with the kind of all day, all night self-doubt that creates anxiety and fear of putting yourself out there, being seen and taking action with a confident energy.

Let me just say, it stinks! It kept me stuck, spinning in my head and procrastinating!


You may have signed up for this course out of curiosity or to see if money would show up overnight…

…but I hope you see that inner work focused on money and wealth is actually tied to your inner- most feelings and programming about your value, your worth and whether or not you are deserving of all good things…including earning more money…right now!

This is important work and it is my passion for over a decade now!

I had to finally stop blaming myself for being stuck and realize – it was an INNER shift I needed into more “empowerment energy”. I needed to both clear away blocks AND ignite my inner power!

I am honored to have you here and commit to bringing you more and more of my proven techniques and tools to help you IGNITE YOUR POWER!

So if you let me, I will bring it right to your inbox – and through my facebook live videos and youtube videos every week!


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